Thursday raiding - Not Rocking the boat

I managed to get home in time to raid!  Just as well, because with me there we just had enough.

Argh, a whole night wiping on the boat again!  And we had a 1% wipe early in the night so we thought we were going to go ok!  We were wrong.

Hwired at least started on his funny foot.  "Let's get Garrosh!" he said.  "Garrosh??" said Roshii incredulously while the rest of us laughed.

So our BEST attempt, felt like it was my fault we wiped, because I died early.  I don't even remember what killed me.  But I died and then in Phase 2, Souglyy died and I couldn't rez her.  I had no mana anyway.  My healing was crap because I couldn't heal squat and poor Gutsy... I think we wiped with 158k health left on the boss or something...

And it didn't go any better after that.  After that, the boat was dying.  People were still dying from barrages.  People died from being cleaved.  We weren't topped up before onslaught and died when it hit.  It was depressing.  Towards the end, Hwired wanted the drakes to die at the end - the boat and the fire was getting out of control.  We didn't have to kill the drakes on the first attempt, why now?

We had Gutsy and Voe swap roles for a bit but that was worse, so we went back to me and Gutsy healing.  Losing the buff that Voe gave casters wasn't good, and Gutsy's DPS didn't make up for it.

Oh well. 


  1. I know someday this will make your inevitable victory all the sweeter when you all kick that boss's tail. Take heart heroes!

  2. @Matty - that's the hard part Matty - we have killed it before, but not with this combination of people. It really seems like that extra full DPS does make a difference =/


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