Thursday raiding - Heroic Warmaster down!

Well, to tell you the truth, I wasn't expecting that to happen tonight.  We weren't even sure we had a group because Roshii didn't want to raid because of his horrible internet and no Vent.  But we were short a healer so Roshii came coz we were desperate and he agreed - reluctantly.

So tonight we had 3 Tarecgosa's Rests (Aza, Sev and Lush), Hwired and Falln tanking, Voe and Me healing, and Souglyy, Roshii and Shabadu DPSing.  Shaba I think is feeling the pinch of not being a hunter and not having a legendary.

Having all these nerfs obviously helped.  Voe was telling me to heal heavily since we had a fair bit of downtime for regen, and I initially had been timing my Tranq for Onslaughts, but found that we didn't really need it in the first 3.

I don't  know how many attempts we had.  Maybe 10?  But I was getting used to seeing this picture...

Oh, and bloody fire all over the deck!  No wonder it's so horrible for melee!  I still am not sure I understand how sometimes there seems to be no fire and other times the whole deck is covered in fire.  I'm sure if I read it more closely I'll figure it out.

The kill attempt Voe really shone through!  He solo healed the last 8-9k because I died in a shockwave and he had so little mana!  Nerf Shamans!!!!  Lushnek threw out a desperate tranquility and Voe kept everyone else alive (except Souglyy, she joined me facedown on the deck) and we are now 6/8!  Yay!

One thing I had difficulty seeing was who had the healing debuff in phase 2.  I couldn't see it at all, and it didn't seem to be on my raid window.  If Voe hadn't said he had it, then I would have been wasting seconds peering at each person individually to see who had it.  Maybe if I see what the debuff looks like then I can recognise it more easily.

So after that, we went to Throne of the Four Winds so Souglyy could get her achievement, and we ended up getting another achievement too!

Yay Frostwolves!!!  Now do we torture ourselves on Sunday for a look at Heroic Spine?


  1. I can't believe we got it tonight, our first night of attempts, we rock!
    And thanx to my Frosties family for doing Throne of Four Winds with me :)

  2. @Roshii @Souglyy - YAY! Gosh I could hardly sleep I was so excited :)
    @TotA - TY my friend!


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