A thousand islands in Thousand Needles

Everyone was talking about the boat you can get in Thousand Needles with Cataclysm, and said I should do the quests there.  I couldn't remember much of the original zone except for the Mirage Raceway and something like pod racing and killing basilisks and centaurs.  Oh yes, there was also getting up and down those "needles" and trying to figure out which platform was what over which bridge with a rival Tauren clan - of course back then, I had no idea about anything, and didn't know anything much about the Grimtotems.

Coming back, I feel like I know a little bit more about that rival Tauren faction. The entry quest is you flying straight into the action from Dustwallow Marsh, with Grimtotem warriors battling away.  My Tauren brethren sent me to ask the goblins at the Mirage Raceway for help and an able bodied shirtless Tauren Brave took me down there in a canoe.  Boy could he row fast!  I couldn't help but admire his sleek muscled back and strong arms as we sped through the waterways.

Now that's some Prime Beef...
Boy do these Goblins know how to live the high life.  I don't think I've seen a bath and shower before in the game.  This was cute.

And I got to start a fight in my favourite bar!  That bar is such a happening place.  Pity there weren't more excuses to hang around in there.  And I managed to get that bubble on your head shot I seem to have seen around so often.

 Oh, and I got my boat.  I get to use it to put out fires AND to bomb pirates!

Then off to reclaim Freewind post from the Grimtotem!  I was so sad to see dead tauren who were quest givers and NPCs from the old days.  Oh and I had to rescue that young bull tied up at the back there.  He was good, he helped me with a lot of quests after that. 

And it turned out the traiter was Cliffwalker Longhorn!  That idiot tried to kill me, but I smacked him good and got a horn that makes his spirit come and help me fight.

Then I did the quests I vaguely remembered.  I had my Tauren Brave come along and help me while I ran around looking for quest items on different platforms.  Even at level 85 I still agro these low level mobs.  Grrr.  Oh wait it could have been my little brave.  Yep.  It was him.  I'm sure it was >.>

So this Wind Serpent was Magatha's doing!  Magatha had been held chained by Twilight Cultists and I went to free her, and she proceeded to threaten me, that ungrateful old hag.

The Twilight Cultists are creating something, she says.  A monstrosity that will destroy the Thousand Needles!  So I destroy that for her and then she tells me the next time we cross paths I will die.  So I collect the Doomstone and give it to her and she says:

"Surprising... you lived.  I thank you for doing my dirty work, druid. You kept my hands clean while ridding me of some incompetent Grimtotem leaders.  Not only do I have the Rattle of Bones, the Writ of History, and the Drums of War, but I now have the ultimate artifact: the Doomstone!"
I just wish she would die!  She caused the death of my beloved Cairne Bloodhoof!  And off she vanishes with all the things I had collected.  I wonder what happens to her... perhaps in Mists, we get to kill her... fingers crossed!

There were still a few more quests to polish off, one of which was a save the creatures quest - awwww look at all these cute little Pridelings!  Can I keep one?

And that was Thousand Needles done.


  1. Navi, you can always go back to the bar and start the bar fight. I did it about a dozen times when i completed the thousand needles quests.


  2. Caused the death of ... Baine ... Bloodhoof?

    Does that mean Cairne is disguised as his son at Thunder Bluff? :p

  3. I love that zone, my Warlock still has her boat in the bank, she must be sentimental. I do hope you get to kill Magatha at some point, she deserves it!

  4. @Ayelena - oh cool, didn't know that.
    @Sev - Whoooops! Fixed :)
    @TotA - I've kept my boat too. Gosh, my bank is full of crap!


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