A thank you to all those who've been reading!

It's taken me 7 days to come to terms with a few things that I take for granted...
  • Internet everywhere.  Only having internet at home has really reduced my ability to comment on my favourite blogs, and reply the comments on my own.  So everyone who has been reading my AFK from WoW diary thank you for all your comments, I have read every single comment and am grateful for every single one!  But I just have no time to reply because I'm busy editing my pictures and churning out another post before I forget what I got up to!
  • Logging into WoW to be social.  By the time I can login everyone is at work or sleeping!  It actually makes me NOT want to log into WoW because the only thing waiting for me is my Darkmoon Faire Dailies....
  • A goddamn mouse.  This touchpad thing sucks.
  • A big monitor.  I think this 12.1" is making me blind.
  • A keyboard where there is no touchpad.  Sometimes I'm typing and my thumb strays near the touchpad while I am hitting spacebar and suddenly I'm typing stuff somewhere else on the page...
  • I haven't had any Coke Zero for 7 days!!!
And there are some things I noticed about London.
  • People say "rubbish" a lot.  I think they use it instead of "crap".  My brother in law said to me the other night "You are so rubbish!" when I was screaming through an episode of Supernatural.  And every time I listen to people talking on the tube, someone in a conversation (usually a girl) will talk about "That is such RUBBISH/that pub was so RUBBISH".  Just a different use of words I guess!
  • Why do all the waiters and shop assistants in fancy stores seem to be French accented?  Everyone who has served me in a fancy place (Louis Vuitton, Prada, Claridges, Burberry, Dinner by Heston) has a French accent.  I admit it does sound fancy!
  • Nobody has security or screen doors on their houses.  Are there no bugs here in summer?
  • Fancy gumboots are a fashion statement.  People really do wear them on the street.  I was wondering who on earth would pay for 300 pounds for a pair of brand name gumboots for gardening but it's actually for wearing out and about on the street.
  • People are a lot friendlier here than I thought.  I thought it would be a snooty place but it isn't.  And because it's English speaking, it's easy to fit in here, for me anyway, and it's so metropolitan that being Asian isn't an issue.
  • There is a cool companies here that has racks of bikes/strip of parked cars that you can just hop in and hire and drive around and pay for by the hour.  I think that's a great idea, and removes a whole heap of cars from the road because you only take one if you need one.  Not sure exactly how payment and things works, but it's something to do with a membership card and the bikes anyway you can swipe the card and take the bike and then park it at the next spot after you're done with it.  Barclays Cycle Hire is the bike one, and Zipcar is the car one.  I think it's a great idea.
  • I can see the night sky.  I thought it would be more smoggy out here like Hong Kong but it's surprisingly clean skied
So I just wanted to talk to everyone here!  I can reply comments on a piece of paper with no net, then cut and paste..

Roshii - Thank you for all the lovely comments the last few days and what you said about my poem was really nice, it made me feel good :) Heston was good, Gordon was pretty good too!  Next post coming :)
Matty - It would have mould on it by the time I got it to you.  And honestly and truly I never thought that about you and the fragments.  I more thought, geez, I wish I could be that lucky.  And I'm glad you like the poem.  I wrote it for you (and myself!).
Ancient - If you get bored of my holiday pics let me know!  But I can't guarantee I'l stop showing them.... and I'm glad you STILL like my poetry :)
Angelya - Thanks for the lovely compliments about my pics - glad they're not too boring for  you!
Erinys - :D I think the journey is the legendary part!  Was yours like that?
Kamalia - TY <3 always so supportive Kam even when I make ugly mogs and write bad things!
Cymre - I knew you'd enjoy the food pics :)
Faith - :) thanks for your kind words and support Faithie!
Akabeko - Stay tuned for the last few of the series Aka!
Tout - OMG did I feel retarded :P
Ayelena - Pigeon is nice!  Asians eat it a lot too.  Probably coz it's cheap :)


  1. I was just happy to see your posts were about as regular as ever. Thought I was going to miss them while you were gone!

    I will admit that most of them are making me hungry though!

  2. They make me so hungry I'm ready to eat Stonehenge!


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