Symbiosis list from MMO-Champion

MMO Champion had a list of spells for Symbiosis up - however, they did say that the list changes with every patch so it's not final.

On first glance, I drew a few conclusions:
  • I am never swapping with a shaman.  They never get anything decent from me, nor I from them.  Why would I want to have Spiritwalker's grace - when I have a whole hosts of instant cast spells to choose from?  And they get prowl or a silence?  I thought one of their shocks was a silence or sorts.
  • Paladins seem to get some decent spells out of me, and I suppose if I want to remove diseases it may be vaguely useful.
  • I saw tanks get Life tap.  Wish it was an inverse Life Tap for them.  Getting health out of their crappy Mana pool.  Gosh would be awesome if I had Life Tap, I would be so OP.
  • The things we get from hunters is pretty cool.  Misdirect for boomkins?  That's so awesome.  But looks like the only thing they can get out of us is Dash...
  • Aza would say "What the hell would I want Rejuvenation for??"
On closer inspection, I had these thoughts:
  • Yep, no shaman symbiosis.  EVER.  Not when I'm resto, anyway.
  • It looks like Tank classes seem to be getting the most benefit out of symbiosis from druids.  Tank druids get cool things like Bone Shield, Ice traps, Fear ward, Spell reflection, Feint; Tank DKs get Might of Ursoc, Tank Warriors get Frenzied regen, and Tank Pallies get Barkskin.
  • Warlocks, Rogues and Hunters will probably say I will never use the Symbiosis ability given to me by druids.
Anyway, can't wait to see the final thing.  I doubt I'll get any better spells as resto.  Maybe I should be tank in MOP?  Hwired says he's going to play his priest...


  1. I feel for the boomkin who gets mass dispel if the mana cost doesn't change.

    Also, not sure why I'd want entangling roots in a PvE environment.

    It really is a mixed bag right now.

  2. Most of them definitely look more like they are geared towards PvP. When I saw it straight away I thought about your arena team with shab & sev - one of them could start healing in a pinch, and you can either teleport or iceblock.

    It is pretty disappointing that they haven't given any of the pure dps classes anything useful for PvE, but its still early days I suppose.

  3. @Erinys - Do you know until I read the comments PvP hadn't even crossed my mind?
    @Fueghan - I hadn't even thought about that but yes! Teleport and Iceblock would be great for my repertoire, as long as I remember I've got them :)

  4. It's going to be interesting for sure! Is getting people to actually use symbosis going to be the new lolwell? :P

  5. With symbiosis I approach it with each situation. At the moment I can benefit from a shammy's Spiritwalker's Grace with Tranq, especially in challenges. Half the time I'm running with a shadow priest and I give them tranq instead though. It all depends on the scenario you just have to remember to use it, lol. I never have time to cast it in heroics for sure. It's always "ready, set, GO!" in there and the cast time is too long for that.

  6. 2nd phase, 2nd boss in Heart of Fear - nuff said.

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