Sunday raiding - Heroic Spine first look

Heroic spine is supposed to be the hardest encounter of Dragon Soul.  And after doing it, we can see why - the DPS requirement is huge and we have a 15% nerf on board already!  After doing it at least 10+ times, we called it quits at around 1030pm and went to normal.

There were a few things different in heroic.
  • The tendon has tons more health now.  You need to get the plate off in two goes now.
  • There is a Death debuff to dispel, which jumps around when I dispel it, and then turns into Blood Corruption Earth which is a good debuff
  • Everything does more damage (gee, that's surprising!)
What I did wrong last night, was I kept dispelling the Blood Corruption Earth, which should stay on.  When you're frantically trying to make sure people aren't going to die and watching raid health drop I just got a bit dispel happy.  Remind myself not to dispel that next time. 

Because I was dispelling, doing a major healing cooldown right after a roll is not feasible, so Voe and Bish had to do those.  I was used it on Superheated phase instead, though I had been holding off to see if I needed to save it for other times.  Voe just told me to use it, since we had 3 CDs to throw around anyway.

The DPS on the tendons was the major limiting factor though.  Even with 2 goes, we still had about 50k left on it.  We managed to get it off once, and that was with bloodlust.  Every time it stayed on at 2nd plate, we'd just call a wipe and start over.

Hwired and Roshii wanted everyone to get the DPS trinket, the valour one with an on use proc.  They said that helps with the burst on the tendon, and the cooldown will be up each time.  HK, Aza and Shab didn't have it, and HK eventually did get it, but I know he didn't like it.  Aza didn't like it either, or was making comments on it, so he must have gotten the trinket.  Shab had spent all his valour points on conquest that week so he couldn't get it.

Healing was intense.  Mana was tight after just trying to get one plate off.  How the hell are we going to get 2 plates, let alone 3 plates off?

So I was on dispels, Bish was focussing on debuffed people and Voe was doing general raid healing.  I'm going to have to look at my heals a bit better to see if I can try and do it a bit more mana efficiently.

Tout came in for normal Spine and Madness, Roshii left for him.  He said he wanted gear, and the alt run didn't manage to get there on Friday.  He managed to get a trinket, so that was cool.  His DPS wasn't too bad either.  I have to try and get achievements for Aza, I didn't realise he didn't have any of them!  Remind me next week to do the Spine one, and some of the other platforms for Madness.


  1. As always, enjoy reading about your raids although I only have a general idea about what's going on in Dragon Soul.

    I like to get my vicarious thrills from reading about the Frostwolves!

    1. I am with Tome on this...being the spectator with a hot dog and beer is working well for me!

  2. @TotA @Matty - LOL only you two could find my stuff ups interesting! :)


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