Southern Barrens and the Tauren Tragedy

If you're a Horde player, for instance, we want you to be completely outraged by what happened at Taurajo!
- Dave Kosak and Roman Marotte, Game Designers World of Warcraft
Well, you got that right.  The Southern Barrens for a Horde player, ESPECIALLY a Tauren player, are quite shocking and saddening.  The zone in Cataclysm has gone a huge change, with the obliteration of Camp Taurajo and its population scattered, desolate and desperate.

Everywhere you go you find Tauren entangled in the undergrowth, caged by Quilboar or slaughtered by Alliance.  My heart really goes out to my brothers and sisters.

I remember when I first flew through the zone and wondered what happened here, and it wasn't until now that I had the time to do these quests.

You also get to see Tauren funeral rites.  In the quest Honoring the Dead, Winnoa Pineforest asks you a boon:
"With the immediate threat gone, can you help with some grim business?

We tauren do not bury our dead, we prepare the body for its return to the elements and place it at our sacred grave sites. Those killed in the Taurajo massacre have had no funeral, and I worry misguided Alliance soldiers will burn the bodies of the dead before the proper rites have been performed.

Navimie, please take this totem to Taurajo and perform services for Krulmoo, Dranh, Yonada, and Omusa. They ... didn't make it out of there."
It was sad reliving their last moment.

So this is why Theramore is going to be razed?  As payback?  After doing this zone, I think they deserve it.  Nasty horrible Alliance.  I was happy to dispense justice to the culprit.

I did wonder, where did Barrens chat go?  And then I remembered - Trade channel chat in major cities is where it went.  Another zone down.  6 more in Kalimdor to go.