Sm-Ashenvale Time!

I admit I do feel like an invader in Ashenvale.  This zone speaks Nightelf to me - with all those tall trees in dark woods, Furlborg everywhere, moonwells... the Horde is trying to gain territory with the Warsong Lumber Camp destroying the forest and our hold at Splintertree Post.

But if you look carefully, it's mostly trolls and Orcs.  Tauren don't go around butchering the forest!  Though it may seem that way when you look at Mulgore - it's all open plains...

Warsong quests seem to take up most of the quests in the zone, and many seem similar.  War, fighting, more war.  There will never be peace in Ashenvale I fear.  Though the attack on Splintertree is different than Vanilla, and had lots of kodo riding, which I liked.

I got to ride Brutusk a few times.  What a gallant Kodo.  I was sad when he struggled to a tragic but valiant end...

There was one quest I found a bit hard.  Security! was a quest to look for a Kaldorei Assassin who had killed the Blood elf diplomat right under the nose of Overseer Gorthak.  Then I had to run around the place looking for the stealthed assassin.  Considering I was several levels higher, I was worried that the assassin would not agro onto me because of my level.   I ran around for a while.  I sat still for a while.  I tabbed and tabbed and tabbed.  And /tar Kaldorei.  Eventually while I was sitting still trying to clean out my bags, she agroed onto me and I could get her.  But damn, that was the most annoying quest of the zone.  I must have done the Warsong Supplies one already, because I didn't see that quest, and that stupid quest was always really annoying.  Or maybe they removed it?

I actually did every single quest I could find.  It was about 3 or 4 more quests than the achievement.

Phew.  2 more Kalimdor zones to go.