Pretending to be in Mog Madness - Wavemender's Mantle

I missed out a lot on my week away.  And pretending to be in Mog madness round 3 was one!  I have seen the best entries already, but I couldn't remember them to save my life, so I know I won't feel like I copied anything while I try to compose my own entry.

Mog Requirement: Yes, unfortunately we’re asking you to get Mail creative again as you set out to build around: The Wavemender’s Mantle
Well, I do everything on Navi, so I'm going to pretend Navi is a Shaman.  Yay Mogit let's go see what we come up with!

Head: Swiftarrow Helm
Shoulder: The Wavemender's Mantle
Back: Renegade Cloak
Chest: Tunic of the Lost Pack
Shirt: Blue Linen Shirt
Gloves: Spiritwalker Gauntlets
Waist: Waistguard of Hatred
Legs: Frozen Forest Kilt
Main Hand: Vitreous Beak of Julak-Doom
Offhand: Zom's Crackling Bulwark

Maybe too  much Dark Blue.  And because I have used Navi, I tend to use helms that cover the head a lot.  I did like the one that looks like a "Murloc ate your head" but it might scare the little kids who looked at it.  But phew, this one was a toughie.  Glad I wasn't really in the competition.  And yes, I didn't bother with shoes because you cant' see them anyway.  I almost didn't bother with a cape, because I subscribe to the Edna "E" Mode school of "No Capes!"


  1. I LOVE that scene! One of my favorite movies! And your look is wonderful! Just like we superstars who sing in the showers and our cars, we will continue to pretend to be Mog-Mad! NO CAPES! Okay, maybe this one is okay. Stay away from jet turbines.

    1. @Matty - I still don't like the cape! LOL well we wannabes have to stick together Matty!

  2. It's Linda Hunt!!! NO CAPES! I didn't realize how dangerous they were. You look marvelous, I give you zee 6.0!

  3. I think the use of the dark blue makes the brighter blue really pop, and I love the silver on the shield and main hand.

  4. Ooh, well-done, Navi! That's a fabulous Shaman outfit. The shirt really pulls everything together.

  5. @TotA - I was thinking of making a superhero tauren outfit! Now I've got an idea!
    @Shoryl - TY for the compliment :) Do you think I should have cape or no cape?
    @Kamalia - TY Kamalia! Oh dear, I dread to think what you think of my bird warrior in my next try!


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