Pretending to be in Mog Madness - Tabard of the Illidari

Well this is interesting!  Match a tabard!  These are the rules for Mog Madness Round 4:

Mog Requirement: You’ll be happy to know it’s not mail.  Well, it can be if that’s what you’d like to use.  Honestly, it’s entirely up to you what type of armor you go with (just remember to maintain the same type throughout) as you match up with either Tabard of the Illidari. So again, any armor type is allowed but you cannot use robes/skirts.  We want to see the full tabard.
Hmm.  I think I might try this as Navi in plate!  And if I want to show the full tabard I can have no cloak.  Yay!  So this is what I'd pretend to wear if I was a warrior.

Head: Plumed Medicine Helm
Shoulders: Pauldrons of the Apocalypse
Chest: Lost Chestpiece of the Reverent
Shirt: Rich Purple Silk Shirt
Tabard: Purple Trophy Tabard of the Illidari
Gloves: Flash Freeze Gauntlets
Waist: Titanium Links of Lore
Legs: Tempest Keeper Leggings
Feet: War-Torn Crushers
Weapon: Splinterspear Greatsword

I tried to keep a simple weapon so you can look at the tabard.  And also I was trying to use a 2h sword/mace/axe though there were some other options which I did like.


  1. That's a pretty intimidating Warrior getup, for sure! The Amani hat is an intriguing touch; it makes the overall ensemble look kind of Arakkoa-like to me.

    1. @Kamalia - Have you noticed my theme of covering my druid's face? >< Most of the head pieces look silly on my druid! I am wondering if I should have gone with the green tabard instead but I thought I'd be different and try the purple. I call this my peacock warrior!

  2. Hate that helmet >.<

    1. @Roshii - I think everyone will hate this mog! I will be the only one who likes it - I think it's the druid in me that likes having a bird on my head.


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