Onyxia 25man achievements

Well I'm glad Roshii dragged me to do Onyxia.  I was going to help them get a mount, but Roshii said let's do 25 man.  I didn't think they were really going to do it.  It was only us 5.  Though it is an old instance.

Anyway, so we started, and geez, I was thinking they're not making much of a dent in Onyxia.  Great thing about having a paladin though, gotta love consecration.  Come whelp time, Aza told me to stand with him and all the whelps came and he roflstomped them.  So that was cool.  It all went really smoothly and when finally Onyxia was dead, we had massive achievement spam!

All 5 of us got the double achievements.  Yay us!  No mount though.  But that's ok, I'd rather have achievements than a mount that everyone wants to fight over anyway :)