Minipost: Slave Labour

I'm not the only one guilty of it.  Mabaho is guilty of it too.

What are we talking about?

Why, Noblegarden of course.  Noblegarden eggs hidden everywhere.  It is very fun for our 4 year olds to run around on our toons in Bloodhoof Village looking for eggs.  I left my daughter on WoW in Bloodhoof and showed her some "hiding" spots for eggs, and she would scream periodically to me "Mummy, mummy I found an EGG!  Look an EGG!!"  It wasn't long before my bags were full.
Screenshot taken by my daughter finding her first egg by herself
So if you're into killing two birds with one stone (entertaining your child AND getting your eggs) then plonk your kid in front of the computer and get them to run around and hunt for eggs.


  1. Brb off to borrow my niece and nephews!

  2. I only have dogs here. They're pretty clever but their paws are so big. Oh well, it's worth a try!

  3. I was already competing with my kids for time on the computer!

  4. I think my neighbors might be annoyed with me if I borrow their toddlers in for this activity-- hey, free babysitting! It just might work!

  5. unfortunately, my son is old enough to play normally. he has own account and is a Frostwolf to boot. I haven't had my grandson over at all this week, so I haven't had the chance to employ him, but I will now.


  6. My kids are teens now, well a month till the youngest is, so no entertaining them this way, now it's mum can you get my eggs while I'm at school since less people are on?

  7. @Erinys - You will be the favourite Aunt I'm sure!
    @TotA - I've seen some smart dogs, though big paws may be a hinderance
    @Kallixta - LOL damn, this might be a bad thing for you then :)
    @Matty - free baby sitting! Best neighbour ever!
    @Ayelena - tell me if it works!
    @obscurefox - oh gosh is that going to happen to me when my kids are teenagers?

  8. ...I need to convince my friends to start having kids! ;D

    Now if I could only hook some of my retired relatives on WoW, I'd be set. *eyes her family thoughtfully* Ah well, only lots and lots and lots of eggs left to go! *hopes back on her druid with a resigned sigh*

    1. @Martha - good luck with convincing your family to farm for you :)


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