Lousy 'Lock Outfits - The Levelling 'Lock

We all know how terrible we look when levelling.  And I was thinking how terrible Navi looked while she was levelling around 40-50, so I decided to base my levelling lock on those principles too.  It doesn't look THAT terrible, some of the pieces are quite nice (like the chest)... but I had to put it here see what nice things Kamalia will try to say.  She always says nice things, even when the mog is not nice.  She does her best to avoid saying "OMG that's dreadful!".  These are all dungeon and quest items.

Shoulders: Burial shawl

I think, though, that despite what I could come up with, nothing could beat this dreadful poor levelling specimen that Rades wrote about last October.  He is absolutely cringeworthy... and he's a mage.  So I guess a lock could be caught wearing that stuff... gosh, it's months later and I'm still laughing at this poor guy's outfit.


  1. Oh... my...
    Navi, are you... *daring* me to say "that's dreadful"?
    Okay, that's pretty dreadful :P

    But it's also a pretty impressive collection of high-level pre-Outland dungeon gear, even for someone leveling purely through LFD. With full heirlooms, one might not get enough runs through the relevant dungeons to see all of those items drop.

    But wow, that outfit that Rades showed really does take the cake!

  2. She's like a homage to BC era gear but she's still so cute.

    I know, I remember laughing so hard at that outfit when Rades wrote that. I'm enjoying laughing at it again!

  3. @Kamalia - I totally forgot that in this day and age of BOA Heirlooms that you wouldn't see half of this stuff anymore! And lol I hope you mean it when you said it was dreadful! :)
    @TotA - I know what you mean, I think she still looks to cute to be dreadful! I should have made a BE male like Rades' one. If someone plagiarises it for Saga's competition, I'm sure they will take the cake!

  4. Just substitute the word "foot" with "outfit" and you'll get the idea.


    Seriously...my work break is over and now I have to go back half blind...

    (Amateur Azerothian)

  5. I remember there is a cloth head piece which is a quest reward in BC which made you look like you are wearing a condom on your head. It was a good piece too so i remember one of my friend wore it for a while and we would remind him of it every time


  6. @JD - LOL I'm sorry that the picture was a.. sight for sore eyes... thank Rades!
    @Ksret - Hm, I wonder which one that is. Linky link!


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