Desolace done and dusted

Well, I've never like Desolace as a zone.  It's a little more tolerable now because of the Cenarion Wilderness in the middle - adding a little bit of green to the otherwise barren wasteland full of Centaurs fighting each other, dying kodos, and Maraudon - one of the instances I dislike because I can't figure out where I'm going.

Some of the quests are still the same - at Shadowprey Village I still need to go under the water and get shellfish and sometimes one of those crustaceans come out.

It's good to see that the Cenarion Circle quests are all still similar - the whole getting back to nature is still there.  Planting seeds in soil so they will grow, calming enraged Kodos with broth.

I came across a level 35 questing there, so I buffed him, went on my way and noticed he was doing the same quests as me.  So I didn't want to upset him being ground mounted and all, and flew far away and killed the quest mobs far from him so he wouldn't get upset at me stealing his stuff.  He asked me if I was doing Cenarion reputation, I said I was just finishing achievements and he wished me luck.  I'm glad he was friendly.

I didn't finish the whole zone - just enough to get the achievement.  I didn't see much in the zone that would provide much lore for the Alliance/Horde conflict (unlike in Southern Barrens) so I think Godmother would forgive me.