Day 9 of an AFK WoW addict

Last day!  Took a trip to Greenwich to check out Longitude 0 at the Royal Observatory and see the World Heritage Listed Old Naval College.

Yes I know I should have worn better shoes for this pic, but it was pretty cool to stand on either side of the Prime Meridian!

The Painted Chapel in the Old Naval College was beautifully painted.  It reminded me a bit of Wyrmrest temple's ceiling.

Then on to Greenwich Market, which was a great market, full of food, arts and crafts.  Munched away on Chorizo Sausage sandwiches, Churros, Paella and fudge.  Very healthy!! :P

And then I saw this sign... seriously, what was the first thing that pops into your head?

Yeah.  OK, well maybe I was the only person who thought of Blue Posts but surely someone else out there thought of those Blizzard posts right?  RIGHT?  Oh come ON!!!

And so concluded my holiday.  Thanks to everyone for reading this deviation from the norm, and for all their comments!  Normal Daily Frostwolf posts will commence soon :)


  1. Will miss these posts, and so glad you had such a great time! You made me want to dig out my passport!

  2. I really liked how you managed to link some of your stuff with WOW. Although, my thoughts on the blue posts made me think of something completely different and ribald. Think "RED LIGHT" district.

  3. @Matty - TY for reading them :) I was wondering if I bored all my friends, but you all hung in there and read them :D
    @Anonymous - Hmmm, the guessing game begins! Who would think Red light? Not Roshii, not Hwired (doubt he'd read my holiday posts), nor Mab (he's too sweet), can't be Falln (no typos or poor punctuation), or Ayelena (he always writes his name), or Ksret (too pure and innocent), or Voe (no LOLs or LMAOs), not sev Sev (red light district no way)... my guess would be Saunder, JDKenada or Tout.

    1. It was me, I forgot to put my name on it.


  4. Hope you had fun on your holiday, I know I did, although I'll have to diet after all that food!

    1. @TotA - I think I have to diet too! And I think I will have to visit you one day so you can make me some ceviche and we can eat a tub of icecream! :)


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