Day 7 of an AFK WoW addict

Today it was shopping day in Mayfair because we were having lunch at another fancy restaurant.  I bought more clothes, another bag, nearly bought a print, and then my sister and I headed to Claridges for our lunch at Gordon Ramsay at Claridges.

Well, since we're going to his restaurant I just HAD to put his namesake in.  Good excuse IMO!

The interior is very art deco.

Cute looking bread (Fresh Dalaran bread)

And canapes

Kingfish cerviche (Large Raw Mightfish)

Pressed Foie gras, comfit of rabbit and smoked duck (Squashed Rabbit Carcass)

Braised Beef Featherblade (Roasted Clefthoof)

   Bream fillet (Sagefish delight)

Sorbet refresher (Silversnap ice)

Chocolate sphere with honeycomb (Noblegarden Chocolate) - you pour the hot milk chocolate sauce on it and the sphere melts to reveal the inside. LOOKS so awesome as the chocolate is melting!!

Truffles (Moonbrook Riot Taffy)

My sister managed to get us some last minute theatre tickets to see Warhorse, at New London Theatre.  I really enjoyed it.  I was so happy we managed to snag those last minute tix!


  1. This post made me drool just a lil.

  2. I know! After reading one of these post I went grocery shopping and uncharacteristically bought a pint of Häagen-Dazs ice cream and went home and ate the whole thing! Hey, I make cerviche, except with a different fish and mine doesn't look that pretty!

  3. Why do all fancy restaurants give you such tiny servings on extra large plates? (and charge a fortune for it?). I've noticed that all the gastronomy delights you've shown us Navi, have this same theme. All I can say is thank god some regular restaurants know how to feed their customers.



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