Day 4 of an AFK WoW addict

Today was time to hit the classic London tourist spots.  A scenic walk was on the books!

Started out at the Royal Exchange, which looks so impressive with its big columns.  I would have taken some pictures inside the building, which is full of boutique stores.  However, I was informed by the guard that we couldn't take pictures.  My sister told me the reason was because someone broke into the place and stole all the fancy jewellery some years ago.

Hmmm.  It reminded me of Halls of Lightning/Ulduar in Storm Peaks.

Then we headed off to the Tower of London, and gosh, you could spend ages lost in there.  I love those old buildings!

And do you know what I was thinking as I walked through the armoury?

I thought, woah, someone needs to get their Transmog gear on.  And that codpiece on the right is absolutely outrageous.  I guess I shouldn't be surprised when it was King Henry's armour.

You see, look at this awful choice of Staff Weapons!  Back in those times they surely needed more Apostle of Argus, Zhar'doom, or Damnation for transmog.

I think I've been watching too many movies, because I always imagined that torture and imprisonment was rife in the Tower of London.  However they said that it was very rare and excecutions and beheadings were also quite rare.

After Tower of London, we walked across the Tower Bridge.  I made the mistake that Tower Bridge was London Bridge!  But Tower bridge is such an iconic London icon, walking across it was really cool.

After that we walked all the way to St Paul's Cathedral, across the Millenium bridge.  That pedestrian bridge connects right to St Paul's cathedral and because it's made of metal, it was shining bright and white as we walked across it.  The Cathedral loomed in front of us, and when all of it was in view it was beautiful.

Much more majestic than the Stormwind counterpart, I thought.  But the Alliance version was a lot more colourful.

And when I climbed all the way up to the top of the stairs to the Golden Gallery, there was some graffiti up there.  Not that I condone graffiti but this was a bit weird, I thought.  Especially when I was writing about my holiday and World of Warcraft.

I wonder what new places I will come across tomorrow!  Probably nothing so WoWish as today, I'm sure.


  1. That's because they're not Staves you silly healer!

    They're Polearms used to impale people !

    Visit a Cathedral or Church Museum for the staves :)

    - Toutie

  2. Oh and the Torture Chamber reminds me of Scarlet Monastery Graveyard room :)

    - Toutie

  3. Lol! The graffiti was perfect, I'm enjoying the tour!


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