Day 3 of an AFK WoW addict

You know, I'm not really AFK from WoW.  I do have the opportunity to jump on but it's at different times to people, so I still get to do things like DMF dailies (which I was doing yesterday at a ridiculous hour of the morning here but late afternoon in Australia).  But it's not the same as being at home, no mouse, no addons.  I can talk to people though, which is good, but definitely no raiding.

So you ready to see some nerdy stuff in London? :P

I wanted to go to King's Cross station and see platform 9 3/4.  And I heard there was this funny trolley in the wall.  And it was there!  There was a small group of people lining up to take their photo so my sister and I joined in.

I took a photo of this lady with her baby because I thought it was a funny pic... how is her baby going to relate to the pushing the trolley like Harry Potter, I'm not sure.  I wanted to offer to take a pic for her but she left quickly.  What I thought was funny was the book store next to the trolley in the wall, displaying Harry potter books in the window.

Then I went around collecting my dorky photos for my Monopoly project.

Phew!  Lucky a lot of them are on the tourist trail anyway!

Another thing I found really cool is that London is having its own Noblegarden Egg Hunt!  There were 200 eggs hidden around London, but now they're collecting them up so they can display all of them together from 3 April.  So I managed to take a few pictures of Brightly Coloured Eggs as I wandered around!  Some were kind of boring, so I only took pictures of the ones I thought were pretty.

Had a nice fancy Sunday Roast at a restaurant called Trinity.  And I couldn't help myself but label the lovely dishes in a World of Warcraft manner.

 Oronok's Tuber of Healing (Rhubarb and Salmon cream)

Leftover Boar Meat and Conjured Sourdough (Trotters, Sourdough, Gribiche and Crackling)

Fissure Plant and  Raw Black Truffle Aged Yolk (White Asparagus and yolk truffle)

Forsaken Foie Gras  (Terrine of Chicken Foie Gras and Artichokes)

Roasted Quail (Roast Duck comfit and capers, parsnip and pear puree)

Roasted Beef and Bread of the Dead (Aberdeen Angus Sirloin and Yorkshire Pudding)

Brivelthwerp's Crunchy Ice Cream Bar and Silithid Free Sorbet (Toasted Marshmallow and Apple sorbet)

Conjured Mana Pie (Cheesecake)

Reminder to self.  STOP trying to do the DMF cannon daily on this computer.  I can't get in the target ring to save my life.  And what a waste of Darkmoon tokens.  All those people who saw me land short or long of the circle must think "What a noob!"


  1. Love the Eggs!
    Intrigued about your monopoly project!

  2. Generally when I go to England I have steak pudding and chips. Less elaborate, true, but very traditional. :P

  3. Really enjoying the photos! Loved platform 9 3/4 and the eggs are beautiful!

  4. No, no, no, no! If you do the Monopoly board, you have to do the pub crawl :D One standard drink per stop. Bwahahahahaha

  5. mmmmmmm look at all that yummy food!



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