Day 2 of an AFK WoW addict

After landing, caught the Underground tube back to my sister's house.  London houses all seem to look heritage to me.  It must be nice to live in such an old city with history.  I think this whole place reminds me of Gilneas - minus those nasty Worgen.

So dumping my bags and having a shower, my sister and I set off to go shopping in Harrods.  Definitely no nerd factor there, lots of posh people.  And the place is like a MAZE.  7 floors of shopping, mini boutiques everywhere, it was worse than Sunken Temple or Maraudon.
Oh, and just like in WoW, don't forget to look up.  There are such beautiful things above our heads. This is the ceiling at the Egyptian Escalator in Harrods.

And! There's no such thing as too much bag space.  Or bags.  I bought a whole ton of them today.  Most are gifts but a couple are for myself... check out my RL Netherweave bags!

Aww and you know what I missed out on back in the World of Warcraft? Lushnek getting his Legendary! Grats Lushnek, 3rd Legendary Staff for Frostwolves!

And when you're in Gilneas, you can buy pies from Chris Moller.  So my sister is making Chicken and Leek pie tonight.  The RL version of Lots O' Meat Pie.

Oh and I got my beta invite.  Not that I'm going to play, because the thought of having to do the same quests AGAIN after doing it already makes me cringe, but unlike Mabaho, I will be reading about it.  Gotta be ready, you know.

OK it's an hour before this post is due to go live, and everyone in this house is asleep, so I got onto WoW to do some DMF dailies.  Yeah yeah, sad I know.  And Ayelena was online and told me that the alt run on Friday did a full DS clear and Ayelena won the mount as well!  Gosh that's now 5 that dropped for Frostwolves!  Congratulations Ayelena, I bet you were really stoked!


  1. Yes I was really stoked. Yay for me.


  2. Thanks for the pictures and it DOES look like Gilneas!

  3. I passed Harrods when I was there but didn't go in. Wow, that is a lot of bags :P

  4. You managed to both interest me with vacation pix, but also relate them to WoW things which makes my nerd heart happy!! Have fun ^_^

  5. OH OH OH All these amazing posts Navi! So rich and colorful! I haven't been to London since I was a kid, and now I want to go back so badly! I was laughing at the cod piece - talk about junk in your trunk!!! And the beheadings may have been rare, but tell that to the folks who lost theirs - we only get one you know! Fantastic! I am going to be pouring over these for days!


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