Dath'remar is having a Transmog competition tonight!

I got home from dinner last night, and when I logged on, Souglyy said to me "Navi I sent you an email".  Uh oh.  What have I done now?

"Is it something bad?"  I asked hesitantly.

"What? No!  I just wanted to tell you that there is a transmog competition happening, and the winner gets 100k!"

Is WoW Factor coming to Dath'remar?  I wondered.  That wasn't on the schedule...

"There's a link in the email to the forum post as well."

Ah.  Rojak is holding it.  But the rules of it sound a lot like WoW Factor.  I found that they were spamming advertising in Trade channel too.

"It's right in the middle of raid :(" said Souglyy.

Oooh, but we're doing Blackhorn, I thought to myself.  They don't need 3 healers for this - and they certainly don't need me!  Gutsy and Voe couldn't give a poop about Transmog, but how often is this going to happen on Dath'remar?  100k!  I have to go - how could I not go?  "I'm jigging raid," I declared to Souglyy.

"I want to go too :(" she replied.

"Well, I bet Aza would want to go, and Roshii.  Maybe we can postpone raid for a day."

"That's a good idea!"

God, I thought, I can imagine everyone cracking a nut about that one.  

So I whispered this Vishii guy from Rojak.  They told me about the competition, and said that the organiser, Squalli was actually online.  So I whispered Squalli and gushed about how exciting it was.  The poor guy must have thought I was some sort of idiot but was very patient with me, especially when I asked if Keelhaul, Noelani and Ironyca were coming.  Gosh, I would love to meet Ironyca in person!  Actually, reading that, what a ridiculous statement!  Calling meeting her online in a computer game in a virtual world, "meeting her in person".  Hahaha!

I asked why they were having the competition.  And Squalli said that when D3 comes out, they will cancel their subscription and what better way to get rid of their money.  Now, I have played this game for 6 years and I have never had that much money.  Bloody amazing if you ask me.

"So is Keelhaul really coming?" I asked Squalli.

"I emailed him," said Squalli.  "And he said he would ask Noelani to come.  It's going to be 3am for him."

Well, so I get to see the big man myself?  For those who don't know, Keelhaul, of Disenchanting Azeroth, is a transmogrification KING. He can recognise items on sight, knows where they drop, and has a keen eye for fashion.  He is the host of WoW Factor, a transmog competition that he takes from server to server with massive cash prizes like that as well.  Recently, he has come under a bit of fire because of some passing comments he made on his blogcast, making dismissive comments about Mog Madness - the 5 part competition that gives a transmog challenge and makes a lot of use of the addon Mogit.  I am not going to go into it here, you can read all about it on Amateur Azerothian or Effraeti's blog.  I did smile a bit when Ironyca said this in reply to my comment about her and Keelhaul being elite transmoggers:

"So Navimie, I thank you for your flattering comment, but at the same time, I hope that’s not how people see it :)"
So I was already out on my farming mission to get my new clothes for my Kara run with JD, Effy and Ancient - and I was one lucky dog.  I got the helm AND the belt first go from the runs.  I took Lushnek with me.  When I queued for ZG, he groaned.  "ZG?  Awww :("

"It's only for Venoxis.  The belt drops from there."

The queue popped.  We had both queued DPS/heals.  "I got heals!" I said.  "OK, heals right?" said Lushnek.  "No, ME ME, I heal you DPS," I replied.

We entered... and we were right at Venoxis.  Awesome!  Looks like the group had wiped on it.

"You guys know what to do on this boss?" asked the Tank.
"Yes," said Lushnek
"I think I might be a bit rusty," I said to Lushnek on Ventrilo.  But I replied the tank.  "No."
There was a pause.
"I'm kidding.  I know what to do." I thought I'd save him from typing.
"Ok, good," he said.  "Let's go."

The fight went nice and clean.  And the best thing was that the belt dropped.  Woot!  I hit need, knowing that nobody else would be able to use it except Lush anyway.  And because Lush was lagging we said our good byes and left the group.

So what new set was I putting together?  Well, you'll have to wait a few hours - when I put up some pics from my blog buddies Kara run :)  Though don't get too excited - if you ask me, the colours don't match perfectly.  Speaking of perfectly matching colours, feast your eyes on this mog, one of the winners on Earthen Ring from the latest WoW Factor.

Intrigue, a resto shaman, chose this outfit basing her set around her spec - water.  The colours, the ice, the shield - the whole look is amazing.  I have that chest in the bank but in yellow/gold but the green version with the helm and shoulders is outstanding.  You can read her interview here.

OK time to get ready for my run!  And make sure I look good because my friends and I will be taking lots of pics and I need to have a good side...


  1. I hope we can work something out with the raid, as I would so love to go to this comp tonight.



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