Azadelta of the Horde's new Transmog

Look what Aza did when I was away!  Not only did he pimp his lock out in some nice Mog gear to scare the wits out of people in PVP, he got a nice title too!  "of the Horde" is the title you get after 100,000 kills.  Azadelta is wearing Balespider's Burning Vestments (Tier 12), with Helm of Eldritch Authority and Belt of the Depths.  And if the Of the Horde title isn't enough to scare you, his Legendary Dragonwrath will!  Who says Tier can't be awesome?

I spent last night trying to snag one lousy achievement, don't you hate it when the last 2 quests elude you?  Turns out I missed a whole heap at the bridge crossing into Durotar.

15 more zones to go.  Must finish these quests before Mists of Pandaria.  I'm getting there Godmother!

Souglyy has climbed her way into the number 4 achievement spot, edging in front of Ayelena.  Which also accounts for my questing.  Got to work at it!