Arena games on Thursday after raid

We were on such a high after killing Warmaster, that with half an hour left of raid time we thought we'd try some arenas.  It had been a while, so we were all worried about being rusty.

Our first game was against a resto shaman, a warrior and a feral druid.  We managed to kill them, which was good for us and surprisingly they had the same rating (we thought we'd be terrible having not played for ages), so we got some points.  We were happy we still "had it" and queued again.

We got them again.  I said "Aww, poor them," and Sev said "Don't say that, they might kill us!"

And then Sev got slaughtered in 2 minutes.  I was mortified.  "You were LOS!"  I yelled.
"Nav, you KNOW I always put my portal behind the pillar!"
I swore and then tried to save Shaba, who was getting hammered.  I managed to get him to full, and then was hiding behind a pillar and I dropped out of combat.  So I thought, hm, I'll try and rez Sev, and hope nobody interrupts my cast.  "Shaba hold on for one second and then iceblock!"  I yelled in Vent.  AMAZINGLY, I got the rez off.  But Shaba was going down like a truck, and within 30 seconds he was dead.  Shit.

So Sev needed topping up and I was healing the hell out of him and trying to get him up to full and Shaba said "Oh, I'm sorry I couldn't iceblock, it was on cooldown... 2 more seconds and it would have been up."

Craaaap.  And I thought we were doing so well.

So Sev and I ran around for ages, and he spent most of that time nearly dying, or being at least 30% health for all that time.  Tree form saved him.  Thank god for instant spam regrowths and LB ticks and swiftmend.  So Sev was full health and they were all concentrating on him... and I dropped out of combat again.  Should I try and rez.. again?  Surely I couldn't be that lucky.  But would you believe it, I was that lucky.  I managed to rez Shaba.  And then we killed them.  I bet you they were pissed off.  Gosh, they nearly had us too.

We ran into them one more time, after we'd lost to a rogue/paladin/DK or something.  I even said before the game "What if we run into them again, that poor team?  What should we do?"
"Snicker?" said Sev.
"Laugh at them?" said Shab.
"Aww, don't be so mean!"
And we got them again, and we beat them again, and I thought, those poor guys, they're going to be sick of us.  I even /sorry the resto shaman after he died.  Thank goodness my team mates were gentlemen and didn't spit or snicker or laugh at the poor guys.

One more game and it was another win, which made for a good night.  Maybe all the good teams have all gone to play Beta.


  1. Those rezzes were really impressive Navi. I was surprised when I saw Sev up again, and even more so when I got the chance to rez myself! Good stuff!

  2. Girl, I would never want to go up against your team - and I'm sure that other group doesn't either!

  3. Stupid Alliance and their lack of cultural sensitivities! (It's really true.)

    Grats on your achievement, Navi!


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