Wednesday raiding - 1 night clear x2 and heroics x3 x2

Both groups were missing one person last night.  Azadelta was missing from the other raid, and Augment from ours.  So Faithless was on, so the other group took Faith and our group had to pug someone, because Ayelena wasn't online, or any other backups for that matter.

So Falln and Gutsy suggested we take the guild leader of their old guild, Zodiac Guard, on his alt.  So we took him, his name was Pixies, with funny accents over the i's.  OK I hate those accents they give me the goddamn shits when I'm trying to type.  The poor guy was in LFR and 378 gear, but it was his alt, but hey, it was better than nothing right?

So we did Morchok, and missing Augment, Lushnek had to take the hits with Barkhoof.  Gutsy let poor Lushnek die... even after he offered to bet with me that my side would die first (we took Pixies on my side so that we could look after him easier).  So he got his first heroic, and the guy picked up heroic mail gloves too.  Damn!  Why can't my bracers drop? :P The caster mace dropped and Bladewind got that.  NICE.

So on to Yor'sahj next.  Fortunately this Pixies guy was pretty clued up and being a hunter he didn't have to do much except get the bubble down so that was nice and easy too.  Another achievement for him and a clean easy kill.  Thank god there were no fuck ups :)

Then on to clean up Zon'ozz where my healing was absolutely ABYSSMAL though I'm not sure why, but it was ugly.  Way way way behind the other two, and I have no idea why.  Anyway, didn't matter, it was killed and that was that.

So on to Hagara.  I wanted to try a new strategy that I saw on Youtube, which went like this:

So we kill add, run clockwise, and on the last stretch we position ourselves along the outer rim.  8 people have to evenly space themselves between the two crystal conductors.  One person stands next to the last conductor, but away from the group (blue), and one person stands next to the 2nd last conductor (green), away from the group.  The blue one moves in first, to be the last link in the chain, then the green person moves in.  The bummy thing was I forgot to FRAPS it.  So finally after weeks of trying, we got it!  And the achievement comes up instantly, so we don't have to kill Hagara for it.  It was satisfying watching the lightning going between us.

We then did Ultraxion heroic, which I was surprised we did, and we had one or two wipes before we got it down.  So that was cool, and heroic mail caster crap dropped and the Tier token was Pally Priest Warlock.

Then we did the rest and it was no dramas.  But after we killed Madness I was excited because the Maw of the Dragnlord dropped and I got it.  YAY!  So now I have chompy chompy mace.

Erika was up and was commenting during raid again.  It was funny.

But I'm looking forward to the meetup this weekend.  We have cut our raiding short this week in anticipation of that.


  1. pixies done great and his dps wasnt bad at all.


  2. @Falln - I didn't expect any less of someone who was a raid and guild leader :) I did invite him to join our guild though /wink


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