Transmogrification Tuesday - Guildie mogs

I was very proud to know that Souglyy told me that all my slut plate posts had inspired her to mog her gear!  So she had been furiously farming for a set, even getting Roshii to help her in Maraudon, but I had no idea what she was getting.  She said it was a surprise.  Last night she got the last piece she needed (bracers) and she proudly modelled for me (and showed me her belly button!).  She had the set mostly finished on Sunday night and Voe and Aza were shouting out to me how hot she looked with her new mog set.  So here I proudly present Souglyy and her mail mog set!

Souglyy is wearing the Steadfast set, with Mantle of the Sea Wolf as her shoulders.  Bow is Melmorta's Twilight Longbow and weapon is mogged to Crystalfire staff.

And of course, whenever I start saying "Can you get by Moopie's wall for a picture?" everyone wants to come along and show off their mog, so here we all are with our mog sets.


  1. Have to say it, bahas mog is damn sexy and she stands out a lot from the crowd, good job baha it looks awesome well worth the wait!!


  2. Souglyy looks phenomenal. It really does stand out and is a break from the "standard" looks we're starting to see (and I'm all about non-standard).

  3. Thanx guys :) I am super pleased with how it looks and that I'm finally finshed. A massive thanx to Roshii for helping me, he pushed me to keep going when I was at the point of giving up. I was so over running the same instance over and over again, and Roshii even ran the instances with me.

    I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would want to mog my gear, but after reading Navi's post about it I looked up what I could do with my hunters gear. I just looked at pictures and found one that I liked, not even thinking how I was going to go farming it, and of course I had to pick a super rare set lol, but oh well it was absolutly worth it. I love my new sexy look :)

    Souglyy (Baha)

  4. It is stunning! I have two mail wearers, so you have inspired me!

  5. Holy hell, that's sexy! And it looks particularly fantastic on the lady orc, since the toughness of the plate goes well with the muscular frame, but all the skin in between is still hot shit! Great job :D


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