To be Horde...

I quested in Stonetalon Mountains today, trying to get some shoulders for my entry for Mataoka's Leather and Lace competition.

And I was shocked when I was doing my quest chains there.

The whole chain had a good start.  I was amazed that there was another pop culture reference in the starting zone quest:

And it is the whole scene!  It's from Inglorious Bastards, Blood Guard Aldo Rockrain (Lt Aldo Raine) even says to the troops:

"We're gonna march in there and do one thing and one thing only: KILL ALLIANCE!"

(In the movie, Lt Raine says "And once we're in enemy territory, as a bushwhackin' guerrilla army, we're gonna be doin' one thing and one thing only... killin' Nazis.")

And you can see two named soldiers, Utvoch and Dontrag (mostly likely Utvich and maybe Donny Donowitz from the movie) .

Anyway I digress.  So we're off in the area killing Alliance.  One of the quest givers looked really cool.  A bare chested Orc, who looked like a Mag'har, covered with tattoos.

I was distracted for a bit as Saunder logged in.  We had been playing realID ping pong trying to catch each other (he sent me his realID details so we could talk across game which was really useful because he has a zillion alts on Saurfang and trying to friend them all was just nuts), and so I was thrilled to be able to finally chat to him.  He even wrote a post about it today too.  I knew he had a new job and he seemed to be quite happy with that.  But that mean no more posts about his lunch time LFD antics I guess.  I watched him going through his parade of alts doing his dailies and I swear it astounds me how much patience some people have.  Though he threw that back at me - sitting around looking for rares and chasing pop culture references also requires lots of patience!  Different strokes for different folks, I told him, and it amazes me how much one can always find in game to amuse each different person.

Back to questing... a lot of the quests here are about killing alliance.  But there are lot of scared Night Elf druid young ones running around in the valley as well, feared.  I wondered what were they?

Then I got this quest: Proof of Lies.  High Chieftain Cliffwalker is wondering why we are attacking an ancient tree in the grove, where he and his kin had long learned druidism.  How could there be a weapon of mass destruction there?  He had sent his son to investigate, and asked we go look for him.  When I got there, I saw his son's dead body, surrounded by dead Night Elf younglings as well, clutching a Krom'gar General's insignia in his hand.  I was horrified.  Horde... slaughtering Horde?  Slaughtering MY race?  How can this be?

I was infuriated.  Is this what Garrosh and his kind bring to the horde?  I remembered a story from Red Cow Rise, about Tauren railing against the new Warchief, written by Akabeko's friend, Dahakha.  And I thought about how bad Garrosh was for the Horde.  How I missed Thrall...

I continued the quest, Is this Justice? taking back the news to High Chieftain Cliffwalker and his wife Masha who were devastated their son was dead.  They demanded the truth from General Grebo, who came to face us and then attacked us!  I had to kill him.  In the next part, The General is Dead, Masha Cliffwalker urged me to go and explain to Overlord Krom'gar, as I was a ranking officer in the army.  I went back to the Overlord who was incensed those Tauren had done this and in Might Makes Right said he would make them pay.  I was to meet him at the Tauren village.  I flew back.

And when I arrived, the village was burning.  Masha lay dead on the ground.  I almost had tears in my eyes.  How was this fair?  Overlord Krom'gar said to me:
Stand by me, Navimie , and watch as our mighty weapon destroys our enemies!
Learn what it means to be Horde! 

High Chieftain Cliffwalker kneelt, broken, beside him, and this conversation ensues:

Overlord Krom'gar: Watch now, Cliffwalker, as this battle comes to its glorious conclusion.
High Chieftain Cliffwalker: You are about to cross a terrible threshold, Krom'gar. may the Earth Mother have mercy on your soul.
Overlord Krom'gar: Look upon the world, Cliffwalker, and see the might of the Horde!

And a balloon carrying a bomb drops the bomb on the grove and all is obliterated, leaving an empty crater.  THIS... is what it means to be Horde?  I was stunned, and enraged.  Can I stop this quest now???  Can I choose a different path?

A portal from Orgrimmar opened and Garrosh stepped out.  MURDERER.  I faced him, my eyes stinging, from this whole quest chain, and stopped in my tracks when he said this:

So Garrosh, our Warchief, is a man of honour.  I was relieved.  He then turned accusingly to me but High Chieftain Cliffwalker came to my aid and defended my part in this whole fiasco.

The honour is mine, Warchief.  I was wrong about you.  You are a fair and just leader, and I am proud to be a servant of the Horde.  And that was Stonetalon mountains done.


  1. That was such a sad quest chain, I just wish Garrosh had arrived a little earlier. Stupid, stupid Krom'gar, good riddance.

  2. I couldn't believe where that quest chain was going when I did it, but I was glad to find that hellscream was a Horde warchief of honor, not like kromgar. Azeroth needs less like kromgar and more like thrall and hellscream.


  3. @TotA - me too, but at least this way we could see that Garrosh was a warrior of honour and was not above punishing his own.
    @Ayelena - I think I like these epic quest chains. Some of them really move me!

  4. HAHA! I am sitting at work before the madness begins trying to catch up on your blog, and laughed and laughed! Great catch, Navi! Although, I am not sure how I feel about Alliance being compared, albeit loosely, to Navis.

    Inglorious Basterds is one of my all-time favorite movies.

    If only...if only....

    1. @Matty - hey you worry about Alliance being compared to Nazi's.... you had a typo of Navis=Nazis. OMG! Freudian slip Matty? :P

  5. "because he has a zillion alts" ... no need to qualify that with a server or you need to make mltiple qualifications :D

    In my defense I will say that I was only really killing time until the Saund-lings got up ... But I was also suffering WoW withdrawal after being out of contact for days, and ditto this week too ;) - It is very easy to waste a lot of time on little things ona lot of characters, even more easy than it is to waste time on a single one!

    Once I'm back home things should (hopefully) settle down and I'll be back to playing as normal!


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