Thursday raiding - Fooling around in Firelands

Since we were unlikely to get a Firelands raid happening on Saturday (PARTY!!!) I tried to rustle up some interest amongst the online guild members.  I had to beg, borrow and steal people and I managed to get a group together.

Hwired was tired, but I said he could just cruise around healing instead of tanking and he said he would come.  Then Moo came back and I let Hwired go rest and brought Moo in on Juju.  I know Moo doesn't like nonsense in the raid and having Gutsy and Voe there, I was a little worried because, like Voe, Moo doesn't like to do things that he deems "not progressive".  He is happy to help HK though.

I told Faith to jump into my bike so she wouldn't die, and as we were going across the bridge, Gutsy Leap of Faithed us to the edge of the bridge and I fell into the lava.  I should have seen that coming.  Roshii wondered if Gutsy did that all the time, but he doesn't really, during proper raids.  Anyway, poor Faith and I got rezzed and it was back to work.

Had a few attempts at Ambiturner, but that went rather badly.  I even thought we did all right turns but the achievement didn't pop.  Weird.

Alysrazor was a bit slow, but it was done.  OMG I ran into the non moving cyclone.  And died.  Totally stupid.  I was hoping nobody saw that but Falln immediately called me out on Vent.  Damn.  Oh, but how cool was this, Gutsy and Falln said "We should do Pet Racing."  Pet racing? What the hell is that?
So this is what it was.  Get out your vanity pet.  Everyone in one spot with back against the wall.  Pull the boss - probably best done with a hunter pet or a hunter.  And then we all get pulled in to Domo, and then the vanity pets come racing towards us.  It was the coolest thing I'd seen in a raid in a long time.  I even FRAPSed it.

Oh, and then Shannox!  DPS forgot to switch to Riplimb before Shannox hit 30% and the dog enraged and killed people.  So the next time we did it the right way and I shook my head, thinking that we had wiped on Shannox normal.  Ugh!

So on to Baleroc and that was OK, poor Faith died, she might have dispersed to early I think.  And then we tried to do the Only the Penitent achievement and Lushnek was lagging and got hit.  Awww.  Well, everyone has to have a turn at stuffing it up.

So we were arguing how many scorpion adrenaline phases we stay in for.  I said 11.  Then 13.  Gutsy said 15.  And then we thought hell, we'll just wing it.

Amazingly, we made it to 31 stacks of adrenaline, and we killed Domo.  It was pretty cool.  We did lose 3 people though at the end, and that was with me and Gutsy both using our CDs.  We actually equalled healing too which was pretty cool at 33k.  I was quite chuffed.  I'll FRAPSed that too, but I think the screenshots show it better.  I'll put some in when I get home.

Ragnaros was messy so we didn't want to really try, so we did 2 or 3 attempts and failed it and called it quits for the night.

On to PVP after that (I bribed Shabadu to come along with a promise of some arena) and we had a quite good match against a paladin/lock/mage combo.  We beat the twice, the first time they did a lot better and gave us quite a challenging but good game.  The second time they seemed to lose a bit of steam because the poor pally went splat really quickly that time.  And then there was one poor team who were very poorly geared with very low health, and we finished them off as painlessly as possible.  I even apologised to the first one we killed.  I don't want to be one of those nasty PVPers that I write about.  But I hope they didn't think I was being condescending either.


  1. As a victim of Gutsy's leap of faithing antics, I'd beg to differ that he doesn't do it in normal raids :P I was innocently running away from the edge of the platform in madness when all of a sudden I was gripped back to the edge and before I knew it, I was plummeting into the maelstrom. Damn that alcholic priest!

    1. @Shab - ooh I totally forgot about that incident! Gutsy has tried that to me too but I've never fallen into the Maelstrom, I just got leaped back to a diff platform. I should have know he would do that though...

  2. I raided with guts through out FL and he has always done it, its good for a laugh. You get use to it after a while and know when hes guna do it so your ready for it when it happens.I use to MD critters to people with distracting shot on my hunter in FL, they would be like "WTF, theres a critter beating up on me".


  3. I usually can't comment on raiding posts but finally I can! Pet racing looks wonderful, really great full screen. So that's what you guys are doing in those raids, who knew! I'll add this post to my raiding 101 list!

    1. @TotA - I knew you'd like pet racing. I think it's so cool!


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