Thursday raiding - Beating our heads on Zon'ozz still

2 teams.  Same boss.  Same result.  No kill.

I was fresh and ready to tackle Zon'ozz after my half assed playing yesterday.  I had read up - though there isn't much out there except to say that healing is HARD and all I can find are 25 man healer tips, not so much for 10 man.  Well, if I get this boss down, guess what my next healer strat is going to be.

But we did much better today than we did yesterday.  Yesterday it felt like we were feeling around in the dark.  Today we were making a bit of headway.  Fue had sore wrists again so we had Nok come in and take his place.  Lucky Nok is quick on the uptake because we explained what we needed to do and he understood it really quickly.  I was befuddled yesterday but now it seemed simple.  Bounce the ball 7 times, stack at purple, AOE heal, I stay healing Barkhoof and help out the others, Bladewind go with melee, Gutsy go with ranged and kill all those tentacle and eye things and come back before the next ball starts to bounce.  Then rinse wash and repeat.

We had markers this time set up for the healers.  So that made it easier for me to understand.  But damn, don't those melee take a pounding!

We had 3 good attempts, according to Lushnek, but I really only remember 2.  There was one where we made it to the 4th black phase.  That was exciting!  We got it to 30% or something, and we were all really happy about that.  There was another one we were going so well and poor Bladewind got hit as melee were all running out ending up with more ball bouncing and a wipe.  So many attempts and they all seem to blend for me, I can't remember which attempt had what happen.

Augment got killed once by the Pyschic drain, which you only get if you're standing in front of Zon'ozz.  I teased him.  "Why would a rogue of all things be standing at the front?"  Everyone laughed, and we just started again.  Then when there was a wipe and we didn't know what it was from (I think it was from Bladewind dispelling Falln who was in melee but I didn't even see that he had the debuff on him) and killed a fair few melee.  We asked what happened, and Blade said "I think I dispelled Falln..." and I said "Did he have a debuff?  I didn't even see it!"  and even Falln didn't know he had it or I guess he would have run out.  Jokingly I said "Well, Augment died too and he's not saying anything so I think he knows it must have been his fault."  Augment didn't say much after that.  And he logged quickly after raid.  I guess I'd better apologise in case I offended him.  I forget he is so much younger than me.  I think I'm old enough to be his mother.  No.  I AM old enough to be his mother.

In our second last attempt it was quick wipe to an early mistake, and Gutsy said "Geez, Navi and Blade, you need to pick up your game..."  I glanced at the heal chart and Guts had done 45% of the healing and me and Blade were sub 30%.  Blade said "I'm trying to conserve mana for the later stages :P" and I was, for one second, thinking holy crap, I'm not pulling my weight.  "It's only the first 15% of the fight!"  I said.  "You can't base it on that." Then Lushnek said "Yeah, but he cheated, he Hymned."  Ahhh. I can't believe I didn't pick that up.   "You cheater!"  I said to Gutsy, accusingly.  "For one second I thought I was really healing like crap."  "Then it was totally worth it," laughed Gutsy.  I'd been so focussed all evening I forgot to play around with meter padding.

But we were all in high spirits by the end of the raid, except trash respawned at 10:45pm and we weren't going to clear everything again just for one attempt so we called it for the night.  But we are looking forward to Sunday so we can try again.

In the other raid, they had a few starting hiccups.  Hwired was out to a dinner so he was coming back home a bit late.  So raid was late to start.  And Ayelena was probably stuck at TAFE so he couldn't come, so Blade called Ksret to come to raid, and so that filled them up.  Aza was a little disappointed because Aye gives him some 10% spell buff of some sort.  And there was lots of agro last night, as they didn't seem to be doing as well as they did last night.  One of the things was about Voe standing with the ranged.  He wasn't doing it so the ranged were dying because they took too much damage.  Voe's reasoning is that if he stand out apart from them he won't have to run out to dispel the debuff so he doesn't waste precious time running when he could be healing, and I can understand that, but I'm not sure that is the best thing to do if everyone else is taking so much damage.  Gutsy was having a tough time with his group so I was trying to help him as much as I could.  But in black phase the melee were the ones who were dying, so trying to get them to be topped up was hard.  I think I have the easiest job really.  Lucky me :)  But my mana is still crap at the end.  Not sure what else I can do abou that.  I'll figure it out on Sunday.


  1. too much random and/or uncontrollable thing in that fight
    bad debuff combo, ball didn't bounce and rolled through etc wipes

    i remember once after the black phase, i got debuff, ran right, AZ a cop one, ran left. poor Baha and Voe got cleaned balled cost we couldn't rush back in time....



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