Then and Now

Vidyala of Manalicious, still high after the 6th Screenshot Meme that went around, started thinking about Then and Now: 
I wondered, how would an old image of my main character look alongside a new one?

Navimie Feb 2006, Winterspring

Navimie March 2012, Winterspring

I don't have pics of my character screen, but this picture is my 3rd oldest screenshot and at least showed off my gear that I was using at the time.

What stayed the same:  Navimie's features haven't changed at all, or her skin colour.  Since moving servers, the name stayed the same (there aren't that many people using that name other than ME!).  She still loves pets, and the one she had that was new at the time was a Dark Whelpling given to her by her friend Mockjaw who farmed it for her.

What DID change:  Gear obviously.  And Navimie is a bit more fashion conscious now.  Transmogrification has taken away the pitch potch thrown together look that she had in the past - though the classic Wildheart shoulders and helm are unmistakable.  Now she is transmogged into Tier 6 - which looks really great on Tauren Druids.  One thing Navi won't miss is the number of people commenting on the dead bird on her head.  Now she has another dead bird on her head, but it looks way more cool.  And her staff is now more Fel than Lunar.  And to show the modern day pet, I used Lil Tarecgosa who is clearly a Cataclysm 4.2 item.  I don't have any of the Darkmoon Faire ones or I would have used those. 

I couldnt' find the exact spot I was standing in, but I am pretty sure it was near where I am now.  You can see another change - Mount Hyjal now has Nordrassil coming out of it, where it didn't have it before.  Amazing how that tree magically grew after 6 years :P

So does my character look older?  I don't know.  But she sure feels a lot older.


  1. I see that she was still wearing the Windscale Sarong ;)

    I think she looks young and hopeful in the first picture and older and wiser in the second picture.
    It's the difference between the mixed up leveling kit and a full Tier set, which carries with it implications of having been involved in raiding and the associated critical world-saving events.
    Hmm, and also that she's gone from a very classically Druid or Priest style of staff to the more sinister Felpuppy staff -- that suggests that she's gone through some dark, difficult times that have changed her outlook on what is and is not acceptable in battle.

    I, too, have marvelled at Nordrassil's growth, considering how it was, I thought, destroyed at the end of Warcraft III.

    1. @Kamalia - I was wondering if you would notice that I was still wearing the Windscale Sarong :) after your piece on it I was thinking that I was happy I could show it off a bit longer. Your analysis of her classic druid staff to the darker Felpuppy staff is intriguing. I think the picture shows really well how Hyjal has changed from the work in progress zone to the marvel it is today.

  2. dont worry about dead bird on your head, did u take some poor lock's felhunter for a staff? no wonder aza raids with his imp these days...


  3. I love that you recreated your shot! It looks like your graphics have improved a little as well ;)


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