Raiding wind down means more PVP

I had a long day at work, and so didn't get home till late, well after any raid would have started, and by the time I logged in, it was 10pm and there were only 7 people online.

Roshii, Souglyy and Az were doing battlegrounds (Soug and Roshii in BGs???) and asked me to come - who am I to say no to PVP?

Roshii also had a present for me - he had farmed Cabalist spaulders for  me!!  I was so excited, I immediately put it onto my feral set, and now I have the shoulders that Effraeti had told me to get (though the rest of the set is still a bit different).

Head - Gladiator's Kodohide Helm
Shoulders - Cabalist's Spaulders
Shirt - Sawbones shirt
Chest - Bard's tunic
Wrist - Barbaric Bracers
Hands - Feral Gloves (but I wouldn't mind Bard's Gloves)
Belt - Ruthless Gladiator's Belt of Meditation (but I want Bard's Belt)
Legs - Imposing Pants
Feet - Bard's Boots

Souglyy was working on a Netherstalker set for Transmogrification for her PVP set, but she ended up going badass black instead.

Azadelta has most of the achievements already, so it was mostly Roshii and Souglyy and me getting achievements in PVP.  Souglyy got Twin Peaking, Twin Peaks Perfection last night.  Roshii got 1000 conquest points, and I got Fire, Walk with me. (Another Pop culture reference to Twin Peaks, the TV series/movie - Fire, Walk with me was the title of the prequel movie about Laura Palmer's last 7 days).

As a druid, this was easy and I wasn't trying very hard.  I picked up the flag and did a Stampeding Roar, then when that ran out I used Dash, and when that ran out I used a swiftness potion.  Then I was stuffing around trying to figure out if I should go bridge or log and whether I should pass the flag and Aza said Navi, just run and cap.  So I ran in and capped and I got the achievement.  But would have been nice to have boots up!  I think as a rogue this would have been easy.  And also, it was made easier because the other side had given up and nobody was grabbing the flag.


  1. Grats on the achievs peeps :D

    As for raiding. The past two weeks havent looked too flash for our guild hopefully its a minor set back at worst and we pick up from where we left last time. Hopefully we have patience and dont lose any raiders...


  2. If you guys are going to do battle grounds give me a yell, i got 4.2k resili and usually got top dmg in the bg's i do.


  3. You two look marvelous and Souglyy does indeed look like a real badass in that outfit. I'm hoping to see you soon in something pink!

  4. @TotA - I'll have to go see what pink thing Euphy is wearing!


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