New Rares this week

I have seen Lorgus before but I must have lost the picture, but recently while I've been farming Blackfathom Deeps for the Prospector's Chestpiece, I have seen him... a LOT.  He has to be the most stupid rare, since he doesn't drop anything and he seems to be there just about EVERY time we go to the instance.  He still gets killed though in the hope he MIGHT drop something.  But so far... nope.

I saw Cymre's post on Tirisfal glades rares, and I didn't realise I didn't have this one so I went to go look for it.


  1. Glad I could help :P
    I'm now about four areas behind on my rares posts though. Although some are being stubborn in two areas and not spawning.

    1. @Cymre - I know one in Blasted Lands I still haven't got and of course there is one in Arathi that I saw on your post that I'm SURE I've seen but can't find the pic to save my life...


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