New Rare pics this week

Spotted Gibblesnik in Thousand Needles while on a flight path. Had to get off in Tanaris to come back and get a pic of him and hope nobody had killed him.

I found Aquementas while I was busy doing my quests in Tanaris.  Makes me glad I was down there, since I was off farming for my mog gear.

And boy was I excited to see two rares from Zul'Farrak in two separate runs!  I love dungeon rares because they are just that much rarer to me!  Sandarr Dunereaver was there on my first visit this week.

And Zerillis was there the second time! I was with Roshii trying to farm my shoulders.  He had an annoying companion who was blocking my view despite Roshii distracting them, so Roshii killed her then vanished and left him there.  That made my screenies a whole lot better.

JD Kennada of Amateur Azerothian was being really helpful this week and sent me some of his rare pics!  Unfortunately one of them he was totally blocking the rare so I didn't use that pic, but there were quite a few others which were good, and I'll keep them in my collection until I get better ones


  1. I have killed that Razormaw raptor. It was cool that I got that Razormaw cub from that egg in that nest <3 IT's really cool. People have been asking me where I got it and I always tell: "Some razormaw raptor" Hah it's so funny ;)

  2. @Elisabeth - grats! I cheated and got mine from the AH :)

  3. Bah, that egg spawns at a RIDICULOUS rate now. I think it's something like 30-40 minutes, but still hardly anyone farms it. Keep a toon there, log in every so often and when your bags get full, zip off to a mailbox before going back. Easy money to be had!

    I still can't believe the comment from the Scarlet Interrogator. This was prior to me taking screens of rares and I took it just for his comment.

    ...and Azshir I actually snapped during this year's Horseman event. I'll continue to keep an eye out as it will no doubt be a while before my own rares page is up. :)

    (oh, there's only one 'n' in my name)


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