Navimie's favourite World of WarCrafts

Who says that you can't mix WoW with your other hobbies! Other than the graphic art, which is one of the most common creative mixes that goes with WoW, there are so many other things (which I amusingly term World of NannaCraft) out there that a lot of people don't see. WoWInsider has a whole section dedicated to the World of Warcrafts, but I wanted to put all my favourites in one spot.  Here is a collection of some of the creative crafts I like best.

The World of Warcraft Cookbook
Gamers Fridge (whom I know as Edenvale) is well known for her real life recipes based on the food of World of Warcraft. I listed here some of my favourites!  You can find a more extensive list on her site.

WoW recipe Gamer Fridge recipe

Spicy Hot Talbuk

Smoked Desert Dumplings
Conjured Cinnamon Rolls

Deep Fried Plantains

Puppets and Toys

Glow of Glow's Branches made this Magmaw sock puppet, complete with instructions.

She also made a Ragnaros Finger puppet! Probably a bit more advanced as it requires some crochet knowledge.  Love the Sulfuron Hammer!

And here is Glow's normal mode Ragnaros (felt) with instructions.

This Yogg-Saron Stuffie toy was brought to my attention by Aidrana of Miss Pew Pew.  The original was made by Destini of Raison d'ĂȘtre and shows the instructions on how to make this adorable (!!) old god.  Photo from Parade of Apples, and there are more pics on her site.

Two Cheese Please made this Illidan plush toy as a commission, and it is a real cutie!
Illidan finished

 She also made a whole heap of other WoW commission plushes

Paper crafts

Kamalia of Kamalia et alia made these Lunar Festival Lanterns, and they seem like a nice little Lunar Festival project.  She has instructions on how to make them too.

I LOVE Origami and paper craft!  These sites are damn awesome: WoWPapercraft. and WingedCrafts.  Not for the novice, some of these designs will just blow your mind away.  All you need are scissors and glue and paper!  There are downloadable instructions for a number of their creations, but I just HAVE to show you some of the most impressive ones.


I hope you enjoyed looking at all these crafts as much as I did! If you can think of any other ones I'd really like, don't hesitate to drop me a comment in this post.


  1. OMG! The origami is BEYOND gorgeous.

  2. I am familiar with Gamer's Fridge and I love her recipes! One of these days I will get courageous enough to make one. :)

    I agree that those origami pieces are gorgeous! I made a paper crane once... heh

    Thanks for sharing, Navi!

    ~ Effy

  3. You know you are reaching legendary status when other blogs blog about your blog. Thank you for the awesome write up! I an celebrating my one year blog-a-versary this month and I am still shocked at the attention TGF gets.

  4. Those are all incredible. I wish I were good with paper craft and could make that Raven Lord, it's the only way I'm getting one!

    I have made one of the recipes at Gamers Fridge, Ratatouille, very good!

  5. I am feeling woefully inadequate right now...better go read the I Write Like nonsense again --

    Seriously - love this!! Talk about your talent specs!

  6. @Glow - I know! The website has even more gorgeous stuff on it, it's amazing.
    @Effy - I don't think Gamer Fridge needs any traffic or referrals from me, she's super popular! I don't cook but I wish I had time to try make some of those things
    @Gamers Fridge - Edenvale you're welcome! And your blog is fantastic, I can't believe it's only been one year
    @TotA - I'd send you one if I made one but it might get squashed in the mail...
    @Matty - That some people can even create those things from scratch just blows me away, let alone following instructions on how to make one

  7. I can't even fold a towel right...


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