Myzerian's Head - A secret quest?

Late last night, Aza said to me and Roshii, "Come to Uldum, I've got shinies for you."

I was busy sending all my transmog greens to my new bank (Roshii and I made toons called Dolcegabbana and Ralphlauren and put them in my new guild bank I bought, which I renamed "Harrods" - if you hadn't guessed, it's a bank for storing all the transmog gear that we found during our instance farming)  and Roshii was doing something else, and I said "What?  Why?  What is it?"

"Just come, you'll like it," he said.

So we go down there, and Aza has killed Myzerian, that dragon that hangs around at half health in Uldum.  "Loot it," he said.

And we looted it and got Myzerian's Head.  Wait, I never knew about this quest!  So you then hand them to Sullah who is another movie NPC reference (Sullah is played by John Rhys Jones in the Indiana Jones movies - this NPC even looks like him!)

So you get some pretty cool rewards!  3 gems!  And gold!  Nothing to be sneezed at.  So if you didn't know about this little secret quest, go get it, and grab yourself some sexy blue quality  gems.

Thanks Az! 


  1. haha nice navi, i always tryed to kill that guy but never could when i was less geared so i will have to try again


  2. A couple of points to note:

    You can only kill him if you've completed all the Uldum quests, and he's at about 700k health. He is quite hard to solo unless you're a hybrid or able to bring a class who has decent tanking ability, and he takes a fair while to kill. There's lots of fire to avoid standing in too :D

  3. My Hunter wearing quest gear did this when I first heard about it so my Druid went to get her gems ... it did not end well at all, lol.

    I should go back and try it again now that she's better dressed.

  4. Is that the bastard you have to avoid during the one quest around the area? If so, I'll happily go kill the *@#$^#@$ out of spite!

  5. @Falln - You should be able to do it now!
    @Godmother - Aza solo'd it on his lock (but he likes doing things like that - like Whale Shark solo) and it seems you can be in a party and do it too. I didn't know you had to finish the quests in the zone - however when you hand it in it does talk about putting the head in a museum for Harrison Jones
    @TotA - Gogo baby druid!
    @JD - Yeah it's that stupid dragon who killed me while doing quests in that area!

  6. You know what would be REALLY cool? A genie in a bottle drop!

    Like to rub a lamp or two...

    Wait. Sorry.

    It's spring. What can I say.

    Thank you for this magical information.

  7. ...and I understand your hesitation in going after the Goldshire Affair.


    1. @Matty - Did you have to mention Goldshire again! I swear everytime I read it I blush! Oooh and I hope you get lots of shiny gems Matty.

  8. Gems-shmems....I want that genie!

    1. @matty - I'm trying to think what you would wish for...

  9. I remember trying to kill him with Cool back when we were levelling. He's so easy to kill now for some easy gems :)


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