More WoW NPCs - Mad max references

I was trying to farm my shoulders for my mog set, and noticed there were a lot of mobs that drop it in Tanaris, so while I was down there I thought I'd go and do my quests there too!

So starting off in Gadgetzan, this Mad Max reference was staring me in the face!

This is the Thunderdrome... (play on Thunderdome) hahaha!  Even looks like it!  And look who is standing next to it giving out quests inside the arena...

Dr Dealwell is a throw to Dr Dealgood, who acts as the ringleader for Thunderdome in the movie.  He's even dressed like this goblin.

Katrina Turner is Tina Turner!  The luscious Ms Turner, plays Aunty Entity in the movie, and she sings the Mad Max song "We don't need another Hero".


  1. I'm surprised you hadn't noticed this one earlier Navi.


  2. I can not believe I never noticed that because I'm such a Mad Max fan. I think the problem is that my mind is never doing the same thing my body is at any given time. If I could only get them to work together once in a while maybe I'd notice things.

    Thanks for this! And brilliant idea about the gold business, or maybe I can make money starting a leveling service, lol!

  3. @Ayelena - Roshii siad the same thing to me!
    @Cymre - Thanks :)
    @TotA - I had so many people saying they knew that, and how come I didn't know... I last quested in Tanaris in 2007! I haven't levelled an alt really after that, not into Tanaris anyway. Or at least I can't remember, since there are so many zones to go to these days. LOL when I start seeing Ancient's Levelling service beign spammed in Org, I'll know you've hit the big time :)

  4. See? This is why my recent Top 5 on pop culture references was so hard to compile...there's just so many of them.

    PS, send me an e-mail at so's I can be hooking you up with rare pics! (no, not of me...*shudder*)


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