Monday raiding - OMG could I be any more stupid

Fue's RSI in his wrist was playing up, so I wasn't even sure we could raid.  Unfortunately for me I fell asleep putting my daughter to bed again, and didn't wake up until 30 minutes into raid.  Fortunately Hwired stepped in on his priest to help out for Zon'ozz.

Now we TRIED to do the achievement for Hagara again, but it doesn't seem to be working, or we did it wrong again.  So I guess we'll try it again next week.

Heroic Ultraxion was bad.  I stuffed it up about 3 times at least.  I couldn't remember which turn it was and whose turn it was and that stuffed up a few attempts.  We had to do it normal in the end, which was disappointing, but we were pushed for time.  I felt really really stupid.

The rest of the evening went by smoothly, and nobody died on Warmaster to his shockwave so that was good.  And Bladewind didn't get tossed off Deathwing's back this time.

So come Madness, Gutsy said he would like to come on his druid for the achievement.  He said he wouldn't take any loot, he just wanted the achievement.  And when we downed it, he was only marginally behind me, so he was doing quite well on his druid, considering the huge gear difference between him and me.  Lushnek went to open the chest and said OMG...

I thought, OMG did we get SOMETHING other than Gurthalak??  OMG OMG did we get two healing maces???  That would be awesome!!

No... we got a BLAZING DRAKE!

So we rolled.  I took a screenshot of it too.  I didn't think I would be lucky since I had used up my luck for the week with Attumen, and so following a spate of rolls int he 20-40s, I rolled a 97.  I was excited!  And then Gutsi (his alt druid) rolled a 100....

Now I probably sounded really bitchy when I said Guts shouldn't get that on his alt.  Even Nabe, who tanked for us on his DK alt since Fue was unable to, didn't roll because it was on an alt.  And Guts did say he was going to pass on all loot anyway if people wanted it.  I just wish I hadn't said he shouldn't get that on his alt because it sounded like I was having sour grapes coz I would lose to him.  Now if he had rolled 100 on his main, I would have said grats and be excited for our first Blazing drake drop.  But not on his alt.  I really don't think alts should have those, especially for his first Deathwing kill, when we could have said no, bring your main.  But in the end I won it, and I was excited but I was a bit ashamed of my behaviour about it, even though I think I was right.

Anyway, here I am, with my new beautiful mount.  Roshii did say it was wasted on me because I always use my flying form, but that doesn't mean I can't admire a beautiful new mount.


  1. Grats on an awesome mount!

    P. S. Don't feel bad.. it WAS true. If he came on the condition that his alt wouldn't roll on loot, then he shouldn't have been rolling..

  2. Hey! I said it would be a waste if you don't use it!!! I'm very happy that you won navi, grats!! - Rosh

  3. i was going to offer you some gold for the mount navi, i would like it to but it seems to drop often so mabe next time ill get a good roll


  4. I think that is one of the supreme mounts, ever. Congratulations! Hard working moms and raiders deserve a break!

  5. Attumen and then this! Congratulations! You better go buy a lottery ticket, you're on a roll!

  6. Beautiful! Congratulations :)

  7. @Anonymous - Sev or Nabe? Ty for not thinking too poorly for my outburst :)
    @Roshii - :P
    @Pando - :D TY!!
    @Fallnapart - I have been wondering how much money I would have gouged out of you for it...
    @Matty - This hard working mom feels like I've used up all my luck for a year!
    @Godmother - TY :)
    @TotA - I think my luck has dried up! But damn it was good this last week.
    @Akabeko - TY :)
    @Faith - I dunno about that, but I'm happy with my dice this week!

  8. Gratsss!! So beautiful!!

  9. Grats on the mount!

    My guild got one a few weeks ago (I didn't win it). I think it was the first mount I've ever seen drop from a raid boss.

  10. Don't say that, Navi! It's only March! There is so much more luck to go around, I hope--

  11. @Cate J - TY! It is so gorgeous!
    @Jasyla - TY :) I do recall you saying that you have bad luck with mount drops in your Twisted Nether Blogcast interview... hope you have some lucky dice in the future!
    @Matty - oh I don't like to push my luck, I'm extremely grateful for what I have atm!


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