Karazhan luck and gifts from friends

I went to Kara to go look for my last rare from the basement - the spider.  I cleared the basement only to get the bat spawn again.  Crud.  Well, I guess I'll just try again next week.

So since I'm here I should do Attumen.  And my bad luck turned into good luck...

I couldn't believe it!  I would never have thought I would get that, and I immediately felt bad because I know Roshii wanted that mount so bad, farming it every week for 2 years with no luck.  I didn't know it gave an achievement but hey I love achievements and FoS so I'm not scoffing at this one.

But it was exciting to have a rare mount drop so here I am showing it off with something else I got this week...

I was gifted with a Cenarion Hatchling this week by a dear friend who is a faithful reader, and someone who opened my eyes to the fact that people read my stuff, and makes me laugh when I'm cranky.  And gives me lots of blog traffic!  /hug


  1. OMG! Congratulations! It's nice to know that it really does drop! I now will continue on my pursuit of the Reins of the Raven Lord, I will not give up!

    You look wonderful on your new mount with a little hatchling Navi!

  2. Congrats on the fun new mount and pet! I love your outfits in the screenshots, too :D

  3. Oh oh oh!!! BIG SQUEEEEEEEE! That is so cOOOOLLllOoooLLL!!!

    In my dreams I ride on that fiery horse--I would do that every time I could except that most of the time whomever I want to have join me in a raid group wants it, too. Oh, Navi - that is so very, very awesome! Maybe I'll put my writer hat on and write you an ode, or sonnet, or even a haiku:

    The leaping fire horse
    Caged and embittered, too long
    Broke free, into a heart

    There. Okay. I could do better. But I'm on a deadline.

  4. HUGE Grats on the Mount, have been farming that for as long as it's been possible to solo it. I must go tomorrow and fail again :D

  5. Gratz on the Mount!!!

    Hubby and I have been after that one for 9 months. Kara, Stratholme and Sethekk Halls mounts do Not want to drop for us.

    Guildie got the Raven Lord on 2 toons in two weeks this past month, we have been trying for 9 months.

    I am sooo jealous

  6. @Cymre @Erinys - TY :)
    @TotA - TY and good luck! I haven't got that yet... and yes I love my hatchling :)
    @Kamalia - TY and that's the good thing about having 3 sets of clothes - more transmog choices!
    @Matty - SQUEEEEE indeed!!! TY! And I love the haiku!
    @Godmother - It will come when you least expect it!
    @Pando - PANDO! Ty for visiting! And I wish you luck with your mounts!
    @Faithy - Very awesome indeed :)

  7. Grats! That's the greatest mount :) Such a pain to farm, though!

  8. @akabeko - thanks! The worst thing is I haven't really been farming...


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