It's a small world after all...

The advent of RealID raiding has made the World of warcraft even smaller.  I love the idea that you can play with your friends from other servers in one raid - I remember when RealID first came, I thought it was so awesome because I could talk to my friends on other servers instead of having to log over to my level 1 alt to chat to them.

The WoW blogging community is so large, and the Twitteroth universe equally so, that there has been a lot of interest in Saz's Twitterland Raiding site - where twitter friends who play wow all get together and raid.  It looks like they've been having lots of fun - doing Ulduar, Molten Core etc .  A lot of the Tweeps have been bloggers as well (Twitter, for those non-bloggers out there who read my blog, is a fantastic way to promote your site and new posts).  There are some really cool things about that site - everyone's birthday is on the calendar (I swear, it feels like it's someone's birthday EVERY day over there - but I guess I shouldn't really be surprised, because in real life, it really IS someone's birthday every day :P).  And it's got the times on the sides for different zones - I think that's really handy.

But I was thinking about a few blog posts that made me giggle about how small the world is.  The first one was a while ago now, but Effraeti made a comment about a Euphyley look-a-like (with pets in tow) that she saw at the AH on her server in her post The Finest Form of Flattery.  The comments that ensued were funny.
That gave me giggles for a few minutes.  Small world huh!

Then yesterday I happened upon Rades' tweet and was curious.
My guildies and friends know I get all agog when it comes to WoW blogging celebrities.  Cynwise visited my blog once and I nearly fell off my chair I was so excited.  Then Bear wrote a comment as well and I was all squeee about that!  So I was wondering why Rades, a hugely popular, piggy winning, blog celebrity himself would write a post about Celebrity Cynwise.  So I went to read it, and at first was confused... Cynwise is in Rades' guild?  I didn't know that... but as I read further I realised it's a low level alt in Rades' guild.  Anyway off topic, the whole post was about how Mr Rades himself was in LFR and one of the people in LFR (a DK) recognised Rades' guild name... but not Rades.
So how funny is that!  Being in a raid and being recognised from blogs by a fellow player.  I think that's really cool.

The only story I have is that Shaba, my long time guildie and PVP buddy, one day we were talking and it turned out his close aunt not only worked in my hospital but she worked in my Department, and actually her office was next door to mine and I knew her VERY well!  When I told her I knew Shaba, she found the whole concept of talking in a game very bizarre.  Kind of like how Roshii's mum was.

I have made my World of Warcraft smaller by looking for Tome of the Ancient and Glow and Voros on the servers they had tons on.  And I'm in the process of looking for Saunder but he has so many bloody toons it's hard to find him when he is online - and he'd probably be playing during his lunch breaks anyway, so I might be able to catch him on one of my lunchbreaks.

Theres so much that we share, that its time we're aware, it's a small world after all!  I wonder if anyone out there has had any encounters like that?  Like playing WoW and meeting someone online that you've known for years IRL but never knew played the game?  Or doing a LFR or LFD and come across someone well known in the WoW community? 


  1. It's funny you talked about Shaba's Aunt working in the same hospital as you. When my cousins from Malta came out to visit Australia, we were at scenic railway walkway when my cousin heard a couple of blokes speaking maltese, he turned around and it was some guys he knew from the hospital he works at in Malta.
    Needless to say they had a bit of chat.


    1. Imagine meeting all the way across the world like that! Such a small world :)

  2. I do have a similar "small world" story.

    When I first started at the Girl Scouts, right after I went full-time, we had an All-Staff meeting that lasted two days. During the meeting, I sat with our IT guys (yup, my most comfortable place is with my fellow nerds! <3 ). Upon doing some talking during breaks and such, somehow it came about that they also played WoW, and weirdest of all, they played on my server (Eonar, at that time).

    Needless to say, the IT guys and I remained close throughout my time there, and I still chat with one of them - who in an even funnier turn of events, ended up in a random HoT dungeon with me and some RealID friends one night. lol

    ~ Effy

    1. Effy it's amazing how many of these serendipidous encounters you have!

  3. What a great post. I keep hoping I'll meet someone out in the world who plays WoW but so far, no luck.

    Sol from Moonkin Journeys is on Fenris and I'm hoping my Forsaken can meet up with him to go the final 80 - 85 stretch together.

  4. Lol. After I start the new job on Monday playing in lunch time is very unlikely to happen - half hour lunches :( ! And to help you not suffer from my altoholism, Sagiton is the one I play the most. I wouldn't bother trying to find the others online, they usually log on, do a daily or two and log off!

  5. @TotA - You met me! But I did go look for you...
    @Saunder - OK will have to find time to get on Saurfang to look for you :) Awww no more long lunch breaks and no more LFD lunchbreaks? /sadface

    1. I know but I figured you already knew that and I'm afraid you're not coming back cause I distracted you!

    2. Maybe we should arrange a time so we can be there at the same time! I'll message you on twitter :)

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