Highlights of the Week from my Blogroll March 18, 2012

Cynwise has written about my favourite quest line so far in Cataclysm - Silverpine Forest.  He wrote before about the Forsaken - winning a Piggy Award too - with On the Forsaken, and you know how I LOVE the whole Forsaken line and Sylvanas.  Ah, Sylvanas.  My hero.  Who would slit my throat in a moment to get me to join her undead army.  I don't care, I still love Sylvanas.  Even when she was just a banshee queen I thought she was fantastic.  OK enough about me, I was talking about Cyn's post On Silverpine Forest.  He talked a lot Garrosh's use of the word bitch when speaking to Sylvanas (which was highlighted in my post about Silverpine Forest quest line as well).  However, as I found it totally appropriate, he dissected the whole comment, delving into the psychology of it that I had not even considered.  What a great post, I went to make a comment on the post but did not feel worthy to write after reading comments by people like Rades, so I think I'll just admire the post from the comfort of my Blog!

And now that I've got transmog bug fever, my dear blogging friends Tome of the Ancient, Effraeti and JD Kenada (I spelt it right this time!!!) are having a transmog competition for 5 weeks!  This week it's cloth, so check it out!

Tzufit had a bit to say in The Plural of Anecdote is Data. It was about women tending to stick to healing once they've tried it over DPS and tanking.  Now these gender based stereotypes are ALWAYS bound to get people's backs up, and opinions start to fly.  I have to say I don't blame the person who said that, as I tend to think it's true to an extent... after all I am a healer.


  1. This is a great round-up, Navi - thank you so much! I haven been wondering about the gender things in game, and look forward to reading that article. Cyn's post is another I'm all over - the Dark Lady is fascinating--and of course, scurrying like crazy to get my mog on with the Terrific Trio!

  2. Lol! There are MANY posts out there that I admire from afar, so many clever comments, too intimidating for me!

    Oh, thanks, I'll have to go read Tzufit's post. I've heard that before and always wonder what's wrong with me, right now I have 29 characters all dps or tank. What is up with me. I dual-specced a character at level 30 to heal and then never played her again. Fear of healing I guess!

  3. @Matty and @TotA - I'm glad someone likes to see what I immerse myself into! Sometimes people write such good posts I don't want them to get lost and I can go read them over and over.


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