Guildie meet up 10 March 2012

The official guild meet up was scheduled for 530pm for 6pm start at Bankstown Sports Club, which was a convenient and roomy place to have a group thing.  Lucky we went early, as we needed a table for 20!

There were mini gatherings around - at Epidemais' place (Lushnek lives with him) there was Fueghan, Faithless and Sevros.  I was picking Aza up at lunch time so it was like we were having a mini gathering at Epi's place anyway.   Epi cooked naan and rice and vindaloo curry that he'd made earlier and we all had a nice lunch.  I had my daughter with me and she was quite well behaved, considering.

On the other side of town there was another mini gathering - Beauti and Barkhoof (who are married) had Nabe and Voe staying with them, and 3 of them were coming together from the city where they were attending a meeting, and Barkhoof was coming on his own and meeting them at the dinner place.

So at a bit past 5 the gang from Epidemais' place rock up to the Sports club, and while I was signing in, Nok turned up!  He had lost weight since I last saw him, but he was his same smiley self.  Ayelena and Corael also turned up in the foyer, and we all headed towards the pizza place.  Shaba turned up not long after that and Mabaho.  Nabe, Enna and Voe turned up a bit later, and Voe is softer in real life than he is on Vent - everyone made the joke that it's because his outbound is too loud on Vent...

But we all tucked into our food, chatted and were loud, I spent most of my time with the the people who weren't at Epi's house as I had already talked to them for a bit, and wanted to chat a bit to the others.  Voe was telling us how he got Nabe drunk and showed us some pics, none of which were too incriminating.  Me and Az marvelled that I had a green healing dinner plate and he had a red dps one.  Fue and Bladewind pondered why they had yellow plates and were glad they weren't pink.  Ayelena was showing us how long his tongue was.  Beauti is definitely taller than me.  Lushnek poked me when Shab first arrived because I didn't introduce him to Shaba, but Shab had already met Lushnek when he'd gone to Epi's house for dinner one time - ha!  Even I remembered that!

Ksret made a grand late entrance and then by 8pm Erika was getting tired so I had to go and then we started the drama of taking photos.   Me and my dumb idea to try and squish behind the table.  Turned out too dark.  Then we went to a better lit area and it was still to dark.  Multiple shots with Beauti's fancy SLR and we got one eventually that was good, so I will have a modified picture to put on the guild website.  But it was good fun, was really good to see all our guildies, the only person whose face I didn't really know was Ksret.  Ayelena and Corael were new to me too, but I had seen Ayel's pic on forums.  Mab was saying we really should have name tags with "My name is ...." but I introduced everyone by their game names anyway, because that's what I call them IRL even.

I think even Erika didn't mind the party, but she was tired after it all and when we got home went to sleep very quickly.  I had a great day, as always, and I know the day was filled with WoW talk, but hey, what do you expect when it's a WoW party, right?

Mab wrote about it here.  And Cymre did too.

After dinner, everyone except me, Ayelena and Corael, Mab and Cymre went back to Epi's place for a chat.  I had gotten online at that stage and was teased by Gutsy for being boring.  Ayelena and Cymre were online too.

Everyone hung around chatting at Epi's place until about 1130pm when Ksret and Yuda left, and everyone else wandered off at about 130pm.  Voe and Nok did heaps of talking, as I knew they would, the loudass extroverts they are :P

Epi's been trying to cut back on the alcohol so there wasn't any big boozing.  I think Epi tried to ply Fue with alcohol to see if they could get him drunk like Nabe was on Friday night but that didn't work.  I guess I will get more details when people wake up!


  1. Both Corael and myself really enjoyed our meetup last night. We both had a great time and I just wished we could have gone to Epi place, but my back was starting to hurt again.


  2. Too bad i had to get up early next day for work otherwise would have stayed later. Not the best weekend for me time wise, had to work both days full day.

    Navimie you would have seen me before just you probably didn't realise while we were in uni :-)

    It was funny how No think he would be on the older side of the guild and then finding himself being a baby along with AZ and Voe lol

    It was a great idea this meet, should do more often
    And thank you too all who spent the effort making it come true and EP I for letting `strangers`like us trash his place


    1. @Ksret - LOL you replying from your iPad again? :P I'm glad you had a good time, and you know how it is.. all asians look alike! :P

      And I can't believe Nok thought he would be on the older side. They're all babies. I am pretty sure I was the third oldest. :)

  3. Yea, you all look like you're 12, but you're older than me. Doesn't make sense.

    1. Good asian genes. Enuff said. And of course, being a nerd and not going out in the sun makes my skin all smooth and pasty pale :P

  4. Aww I love reading about WoW fun bleeding into meatspace meetups. Sounds like fun!!

    1. @Akabeko - it will look better AFTER I put the guild pics up! But they need modifying - I have a bit of anxiety about putting my real photo on my blog :P

  5. It was so much fun! My cheeks hurt from grinning and laughing lots!
    Love my Family =)

    Tip*We so need guild tees!

    1. Gah I was supposed to say Love my Frostwolves family!

    2. @Faithy - <3 my Frostwolves Family too Faith :) Oh, guild Tees... next year!!!

  6. You know, I am so jealous!

    Ever since All the Blizzcon madness (and not actually being there in person), seeing all the guilds and friends meeting up for the first time, I've had an urge to do the same!

    Shame, most of my new guild is from the other side of Europe and the 'big events' like Blizzcon are in the US :(

    I want a geek meeting! Aha

    Nice read,

    - Jamin

  7. @Jamin - Well, if you ever travel to that side of Europe, make sure you organise a meetup! It's such a fun geek thing to do :)


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