Fangs of the Father quest chain - Part 3: the conclusion

Last night, Roshii managed to get his 60 clusters after killing Hagara and he went to hand in Sharpening our Fangs (Step 12).  But Wrathion was not done with Roshii yet...
You have done it! No doubt you placed yourself and your allies in great peril to acquire these. Your sacrifices will be rewarded in time. I will use these as the foundation of a powerful enchantment for you.
But we will need one additional catalyst. Are you ready for your final and most dangerous mission, rogue?

And so starts the final quest, Patricide (Step 13).
Your next target has claimed the lives of all of my other assassins. I need you to kill my father himself.   You must destroy Deathwing.
So Roshii comes back and we finish the second half of Dragon Soul, and kill Deathwing.  Roshii is so excited, he can hardly sit still!  And when Deathwing goes down, and Rosh loots the Fragment of Deathwing's Jaw, he screams WOOOOO (with about 20 O's) at me!  I was really excited!

So back to Ravenholdt goes Roshii.

The Red Dragonflight tried to kill Wrathion, but were unsuccessful.  But there was STILL one more thing Wrathion needed Roshii to do after Roshii received Golad, Twilight of the Aspects and Tiriosh, Nightmare of Ages.

Roshii was so enthralled with that cutscene (who wouldn't??) he was in a different channel in Vent, and we all went down asking him why he was hiding over there. "I'm in a CUTSCENE!" he yelled.  Immediately we went quiet.  I typed in guild "shhh, he's in a cutscene!" so people would know not to go yapping to him.  He was excited. SOOO excited!

 Achievement spam time!

And how awesome does this look!  The wings and slow fall are just awesome.  It has a CD of 4 mins so every 4 minutes Roshii was doing it.  I was lucky to be able to catch him because he was so busy admiring himself, and rightly so.  So Roshii, anything you want to say to us after completing your legendary quest chain?

Congratulations Roshii!  Well deserved!  Now who the hell is going to keep up with his DPS?


  1. Grats roshii, baha should still beat him in dps. Unless he goes combat...

  2. Congrats Roshii, and congrats Frostwolves!

  3. WOOT!
    Grats Roshii on the daggers, very cool!
    Love, Love Love the wings!

  4. Your funny Voe -Rosh

  5. Grats roshii, they look cool. I hope thet next legendary items are warrior compatible so i can get them, i dodnt raid in icc so missed out on frostmourne.


  6. Gratz Rosh


  7. Gratz Roshii, I'm so super happy for you :)

    Souglyy (Baha)

  8. Congrats for the weapons and thanks for the screenshots. The story is nice, long live the black dragonflight

  9. thanks guys n gals!


  10. That. Is. So. Cool.

    Congratulations many times over!


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