A Bear Challenge

How can I resist when Big Bear Butt writes this on his blog?
Write a short story. I don’t care how short, or what kind of story, or even what form your story takes. BUT… your story, poem, dirty limerick or whatever you choose to do must incorporate within it in some way the following words:
juicy slender vain shaft torch star hidden
A writing challenge!  So exciting!  So here is my creation!  LOL, what do you expect from me except a poem? :)  Predictable, I know!

Sifting through my blogroll for some juicy things to read
I notice Bear has challenged us, for all those in his feed
To write a post, a story or, perhaps a poem, or prose
And use the words he listed, which randomly he chose.

I wondered what to write about, perhaps I could complain
How slender Bloodelves always shine in mog contests, explain!
My tauren looks ridiculous in the those sexy Li'l Black Dresses
And plaits and braids are all I have for my horsemane-like tresses.

Or maybe I could write about how lucky I do feel
For everyone who bothers to read about the stuff I spiel
New friends I've made from blogging, they have all been oh so kind
The hidden ones who lurk are like treasures yet to find.

Maybe I should write about how I think a blog should be
That what you write's like a shaft of light, so a reader, they can see
Some titbit goss, a piece of news, or perhaps what you are doing
And write what you think YOU should write, not what gets you more page viewing.

So be a torch!  A beacon!  Share your thoughts with all of us
The more outrageous your thoughts are, I bet you'll really cause a fuss
Just look at Gnomey, loud and brash, brave a new frontier
O and Cider, go girl power, shake the blogosphere!

Community may be a word that's lost in LFR
But in the blogging world it's strong, come join and be a star
If what you write means something, be it topical or mundane
It's out there, so you never should feel like you've written it in vain.

Thanks for reading!  And to everyone who reads my blog, you guys were my inspiration :)


  1. Ha! I've been waiting for this since you guys always get there ahead of the rest of us and you did not disappoint!

    I was hoping for a Navi poem, how do you do that. As always I am in awe of your rhyming artistry!

  2. /applaud

    Well done, Navi, well done!

  3. Thats excellent Navi, you really do have a talent :)

    Souglyy (Baha)

  4. Woooooooooo navi!


  5. @TotA - TY for your encouragement as always Ancient :) You know I love my poems and I'm glad you approve of this one.
    @Kamalia - /bow ty Kamalia!
    @Souglyy - TY Baha!
    @Roshii - :D
    @Pando - TY Pando! I feel bad I forgot to put some pictures to make it more interesting for you!
    @Faithy - TY :)

  6. Nicely done! Now I'm wondering if mine is way too much...

    I like the poetry a lot. I've never been great shakes at anything resembling poetry, so I tend to stick to prose. And because I cannot wax poetic, I really enjoy reading the work of those who can!

  7. Never am I disappointed by our daily dose of Navi, but when it be a bit of rhyme, I have to give it the due standing ovation! Yay!

    Beautiful poem, Navi!

    (And I am glad I already finished and scheduled my Bear post, or I might feel my creativity contaminated!) ;)

    ~ Effy

  8. Great job as always Nav and quite entertaining :)

  9. Brava! Brava! Love hanging out such talented folks - I am honored!!

  10. @Hyperious - TY for the compliment and for dropping by :)
    @Effy - my dear friend, the compliment is fantastic and I can't wait to read yours :)
    @Cymre - Thx Cym :)
    @Matty - I hope you wrote a poem too Matty. I look forward to reading it.

  11. I totally imagined this as a rap rather than a poem, complete with you wearing big sunglasses and dancing with scantily clad night elves. :)

  12. I am always impressed by your ability to rhyme: yet again you have come up with a splendid piece of poetry :D

    /not worthy

  13. @Akabeko - a rap? Hmm I feel a screenshot coming on!!!
    @Godmother - TY for the compliment :) and rubbish, your writing is as good if not better than mine! It's way more popular!

  14. Navi, you're a mordern day Dr. Suess and should be writing kids books. you'd make a fortune and be doing something you obviously love.


  15. @Glitharak - TYVM for the compliment! And thanks for visiting :)
    @Ayelena - I'm glad you like my poem Ayelena :) I don't know if I could rely on my rhymes to make me any money though... I'll have to stick to my day job! And do this for fun :)

  16. I just got the chance to read this now Nav, and it was really well done. Brought a nice wide smile to my face :)

    1. @JDKenada - Thanks JD! You know I'll tell you something, I did wonder if you thought it was crap because you hadn't visited me... but now you've visited me I'm happy :)


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