Azeroth's Top Leather Model: Leather and Lace, Feathers and Face

Mataoka is at it again, this time doing a Leather competition so of course, I want to enter this time!  The only problem is, I don't have all the pieces for my dear druid that I would like to have, so I am going to have to submit it with the best of what I can equip.

Living it up dancing on the bar.

 Horde all the way, baby!

This pic is for Kamalia's curiosity - this is the weapon I thought I would use for these pics, the big scary 2h mace Bone Valley Mace.

And this is me in my evening garb, Formal Dangui.

So if there are any leather wearers out there would like to join in, go and check out Matty's Leather and Lace competition!  Entries close Thursday March 15.


  1. Look at you! Being all rowdy dancing on bars and all! Looking good Navi!

  2. @TotA - I know right! Navi couldn't help herself, she was so excited to be in some sexy gear she just let loose!

  3. (Squees to self!)
    Work it, girl!

  4. Love love love love love that set navi!


  5. Mahvelous, simply mahvelous, dahling!
    I like how this set could work equally well for a Rogue or a Feral Druid.
    What's that polearm you've got equipped?

    1. @Matty - Thx Matty, wish me luck!
      @Roshii - TY for all the help farming!
      @Kamalia - It doesn't show well here coz I was emoting, but it's a 2h mace called Bone valley Mace, a quest reward from Tanaris but Rattlegore in Scholo drops one that's the same model (Frightskull shaft)

    2. Ah -- what I was thinking was the head of a polearm is actually the decorative hilt of the mace -- now I can see the head of the mace on your back.

      Grats on getting a Formal Dangui -- it's a most excellent choice for a Druid!

  6. LOL, bar dancing? next it'll be pole dancing :P
    Nice outfits btw :)

  7. I'd forgotten how pretty the formal dangui was, time to park an alt in the moonglade for some vendor camping.

    As for your outfit, I love the pinkish accents around the edges. Those male gnomes and goblins seem rather enthralled in the first picture.

    "LOL, bar dancing? next it'll be pole dancing :P"

    Before you know it Cymre, she'll be off to Goldshire again :D

    (Sorry, couldn't resist!)

  8. @Cymre - I actually have some pics of me totem dancing....
    @Erinys - OMG I can't believe you mentioned Goldshire... Erinys, did you know that Navie is an anagram of Naive... which is why I try to write Navi :P So poor little Naive Navi wouldn't know what to do in Goldshire...


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