Another Transmog set from "The Fallen" Guild

One of the people whom I featured from the guild "The Fallen" in my slut plate around Dath'Remar asked me if I could take a picture of her mother's transmog, because she was the one who started it all.  I managed to track the hot mama down, and asked her if she would mind posing for me.  She obliged, but when I told her why, she said that it was her daughter who didn't want her to feel left out, and she was ok being happily anonymous.  However, you can't go around looking good and being anonymous in my book, so I snapped a pic of her colourful plate gear.  I didn't get around to asking her what gear she was wearing, so I'll have to ask next time around.


  1. I have the top, but those pants...those are awesome!

  2. The set is called "Templar". It's one of those sets where the shoulders are a bit off and it can be a challenge to find matching ones. I think Finà made a good choice with hers!

  3. I can't figure out why the shoulders look different from behind... but I think it's a good set. I still need to find out all those pieces! Will update when able.


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