Wednesday raiding - Yay I CAN heal Yor'sahj!

Well, there was a lot of kerfuffle yesterday.

I spoke to Bloodzta about his healing and said I would have a look at logs on Wednesday night's raid to see what exactly the issue is, but not to worry, just heal to the best of your ability.  He said he might stop coming to raid stoned, maybe that will improve his raid performance. =/ charming.

So come raid time he decides that he doesn't want to raid for the WHOLE week.  So I dunno if me saying I was going to watch what he was doing was a problem or not, but that left the other group short.  Roshii wanted to take Barkhoof away for bleed and healing, but then who would tank for us?  They were still missing a bleed buff from their side, which is a shame, and you could switch Falln over but I think if they do then they can take Gutsy as well so they can play together.  Then I would take Bish.  But Fue didn't really think much of that idea I don't think.

Poor Ksret, Fue asked him if he could come, Ksret said yes I can, and Fue read that as yes I can't.  Or maybe no I can't.  Whatever, it was, he misread can for can't and so the other team sat around waiting for a while trying to figure out what to do.  In the end they took Ksret and 3 healed Morchok.  Voe was pleased because he solo healed Morchok's twin, and his numbers were amazing.  Roshii told me that it was a pointless waste of time doing it that way, and then told me that I should try that next time.   I have to say that the thought was challenging and I did want to try it.

So our group set off, and for once Morchok was nice and clean, well sort of.  Augment died.  That wasn't clean... but I was so used to it that I look at that as a normal part of the fight now.  I have never healed Morchok's twin tank before and OMG how easy is it!!!  The other side struggled and I think that after knowing now that there are less stomps and whatevers on the twin side, I will put Bladewind back on Morchok and the off healer can come to twin side with someone.  Awesome healer ring dropped, taken by Lushnek.  Oh well, there will be other heroic things to get, I thought.

Yor'sahj was more challenging, and I really wanted to be able to heal it.  We wiped so many times, and Barkhoof complained bitterly about his health and being anxious about it, and Fue said not to worry, because you're never going to feel comfortable in purple phase.  After multiple wipes and threat of switching me back to DPS, I put Bladewind on ranged and me on the tank and that was SO much better.  I should have done that before, because Bladewind has free beacon on the tank so he would get double healing that way.  And we got it down and I was a happy druid.  I healed it!  YAY!  Druids which are the weakest of the healers for Yor'sahj and I did it!

Not that there weren't a few stuff ups.  I accidentally threw out a wild growth as there was 1 second left on purple debuff and caused an explosion.  Then there was Barkhoof who died and rezzed and then forgot to try to tank the black ooze adds.  Not that they can be taunted much but I think he forgot to tank Yor'sahj.  Then the multiple times we were slow on popping the Mana void.  OMG, pop it faster already....!!!  Another time the adds were still up beating on me and me and Shaba died and Voe said you just have to sit there and take it, which I am sure was not supposed to happen.  All the adds dying was a much better option and Lushnek said the adds don't despawn with the next phase, they have to die.

And as a reward and a reinforcement to me for NOT DPSing, I got heroic Tier legs! YAY!  I got to use my epic gems!

This conversation made me laugh:
Navimie: "Yay we did it without cheating!"
Fallnapart: "We weren't cheating, only Fue was cheating."
Fueghan: "I was not cheating.  Since when is autoattacking cheating?"
Lushnek: "When you 323k dps, I think it's cheating, whether you autoattack or not."

The other group has decided they want to do Ultraxion as well.  I have no idea where I'm going to dig up extra DPS from.  Well, we'll have to make it to enrage timer to worry about that I guess.

Ksret was excited to have gone to Dragon Soul.  Well I think he was.  Bladewind thanked me later for getting him into the raid, and I'm just glad he had fun.  Oh and yay to Hwired for doing the combat logs, I was digging at the other officers in that group for being lazy and good ol' Hwired stepped up to the plate to do it.
Wonder if Fue will let me solo heal the other side next week.... though I doubt he will, he hates wasting time.


  1. Many thanks to Navi, Fue and everyone last night for letting join the Heroic fun. Hope I didnt drag down the group as I was more concentrating on mechanics than my dps.
    Hope I get better RNG for tonight's Ultraxion now I am accustomed to the fight mechanic.


  2. Hey navi porkchop is easier with two heals ;p


  3. I dont mind not raiding with guts sometimes, he is a mate of mine but im sure he can live without me for a few raid nights if needed be. So just do what is best for the groups to balance them out.


  4. @Ksret - Glad you had fun! At least the complaining might stop for a while :P
    @Voe - ooh do you think you and I could do it if we were in the same group?
    @Roshii - OK, it would probably be rather frustrating being a DPS while me and Voe flexed our epeen healing.
    @Falln - Roshii would be glad to have a bleed buff.

  5. You and voe? i never see your healing navi :p I didn't think it was pointless, its a bonus. More dps on morchok = quicker kill. I was frustrated with the silly wipes on morchok.


    1. @Roshii - I suspect you would be blinded by our pure awesomeness :P


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