Wednesday raiding - What do you do for a kill?

I love Wednesdays.  After 2 days of not raiding, I get excited thinking about raiding again.  It's like Sundays, after a few days off raiding I get excited thinking I'm getting back into it again.

So I was looking forward to healing Yor'sahj again.  After writing my post about healing it because I was oh so proud of doing it successfully (gee, could you tell?) I wanted to do it again.

But...Bloodzta was a no show again.  One more week of no shows and he's going to get replaced.  Where is he I wonder.  But of course, while my group was settling into the excitement of trying to do Ultraxion, the other group had their stresses again.  No Bish on Thursday, need a replacement - not too big a problem, Nok is off all week, so he can sub in.

So my group heads out, we do Mor'chok and me and Bladewind are on Fue's side, who thought we were being cheeky when I said his side was harder to heal - he really didn't know that Mor'chok side did more damage (hey, that was me last week being the one in the dark about that!) and it was nice and clean.  Augment didn't die.  It was good.

On to Yor'sahj.  I was itching to do it.  Gutsy asked if I wanted to dps or did I want to heal it, and I asked if I could heal it - after all his shadow damage will give some heals around anyway.  And the first attempt we forgot to get Bladewind to run out with the ranged who were going after the ooze, so they died from low health when they got back.  And OMG I totally noobed it up the 2nd attempt because I read the oozes as Red Black Yellow when in fact there was a Purple there and I tranq'd and wiped the raid.  Shit!

But the kill attempt was a clean one with no deaths.  Thank god for that.

Zon'ozz was kind to me, and gave me my Tier gloves.  Yay for 4 set!!!

We tried to do the Hagara achievement but one person was out of the line.  Oh well, next week.  The standing back was a good idea though, I thought we'd have to inch across one by one from one node to the next.

So.  Ultraxion.  Raid killer, divider of friends, conquerer of button click failers.

Our group was just bashing away at it, but boy is the healing insane.  We can't even do the double blood lust thing because we only have one blood lust.  And the best we got was 10%.  I died when standing out once because my health wasn't high enough before I took the blast, but that was my own fault, I should have looked to see what it was and used my healthstone or clicked the lightwell.  Anyway, my DPS was a bit better and I was happy.  Nowhere near the 30k mark though.  I thought about whether I should go farm some leather and mats to make some legs for myself.  Anyway, that's off topic.  Stopping to rez a dead person hurts HK's and my DPS and one time I nearly died from fading light because I was in a rez when it went off.  But I managed to click just in time.  Falln forgot to stay out once too, so everyone had their little stuff ups.

The drama was in the other group.  They were wiping at 3%.  Ouch.  And then Beauti stepped out and Nok came in, and there was a lot of discussion in officer about it.  I am not sure why she stepped out but knowing her, she probably felt bad about something, because she logged off straight after.  And I know when she gets stressed she can't sleep :(  Nok's DPS didn't help get the kill either, and it was unfortunate because it LOOKED like they put her out of the group because her DPS wasn't high enough and they wanted the kill.  But when they were asked about it, that was not what happened, but I think the constant respecs of holy, shadow, disc were getting a bit much for Beauti, and it gets confusing when you can't get used to one or the other.  It worried me because I know when Beauti gets stressed she needs a little break.  And you can't blame her.  It happened on Rhyolith.  And when she takes a break, Barkhoof takes one too.  And then what happens to raids?

Fue said that you have to make do with the team that you have, not sub people in and out.  And I can understand that.  This is a TEAM effort.  You have to pull through it together.  Like me for example, I feel like I'm the weak member of the Ultraxion team, with my poor dps.  But so far nobody has said to dump me or sub me out (except Ksret!!!) just to get a kill.  It would be great if we got one!  But if we still need a few weeks to gear up, then so be it.  At least we get the timings right, and our rotations right, so hopefully nobody will forget whose turn it is to stay out.  Lushnek wasn't lagging this time and did better with deaths this week.  Hope it continues to be that good for Sunday.

To break up this wall of text I'll put a pic of me with my Vile Fumigator Mask, since I think it looks really cool on a Tauren.  Picked that baby up after raid.


  1. Was a great night i thought, hopfuly we can get ultraxion tonight with any luck

  2. We should get Ultra down tonight I think with some more practice :)

    To be honest im kind of glad my group didnt get it down in the end, the events towards the end of the raid didnt sit right and I wouldnt have seen it as a real kill.


  3. hee hee hee you can see your tauren eyes through the mask =D

  4. I am so glad you finally got your mask, you look quite lovely in it!

  5. @Faith - I think it looks good don't you?
    @TotA - I like it! I don't mind so much about the love rocket, but I really like this mask!


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