Wednesday raiding - Not given the opportunity to strut our stuff...

Bladewind was not raiding last night so it was just me and Gutsy main spec with Lushnek offspec.  Faithless came and joined us and was so quiet and shy - I told her not to worry, I would make sure she was OK!  Fue insisted we do all normals but we begged to do Morchok heroic, because we wanted to try 1 healing Porkchop's side.  I tried it twice, and I did better the first time, and horrible the second time.  I lost Falln and then I lost Barkhoof.  It was bleh.  So I said to get Gutsy to try it, since he had lightwell to help boost him up, and he did well too, his goes were better than mine, but with the time pressure thing, we couldn't do it, because Fue said we had to clear Dragon Soul tonight.  So we switched to normal and ended up doing everything else on normal.  Faith even whispered me asking me if it was her fault we were not getting Morchok and I reassured her that it was a healing thing, not anything to do with her.

We did the green and red step of Taste the Rainbow and that leaves most of us with just Purple and yellow left, so if we do another normal Yor'sahj we can do that.  But I was so hoping Purple and Yellow would come up last night as well as green and red, but we weren't that lucky.  We 3 healed that because green and red is a bit ouch.

Sidetrack: OH MY GOD, I googled "Taste the Rainbow" and I got this nice friendly Skittles ad, but Urban Dictionary came up with THIS:
  1. When a straight person has a homosexual experience
  2. The act of putting skittles into some unlikely body part for the purpose of feeding another
  3. To have sex or sexual activity of people with various races

I had to stop after that.  Each one after is just a variation on the ones above...  and here I was thinking there was nice simple happy G-rated definition!  That's the problem with urban dictionary, every word seems to involve sex or fetish behaviour.

Back to topic. Ahem.

We should have 2 healed Hagara too but I forgot and told Lush to stay resto.  We tried the achievement again but failed again, but we've decided we will try to crack at it every week.  Faith was worried she would stuff it up, but the arc is really long for the hand holding, so we will try to have everyone bunched up at the crystal next week.

So the second half we 2 healed except for Madness.  For once, neither me nor Gutsy died at Warmaster Blackhorn (but poor Faith did - but that's understandable, she hasn't done it as much as we have).  We tried the achievement for that again, but I just spoke to my friend who has done it and you have to stop EVERY single barrage, not just the big ones.  So I'll have to tell everyone that for next week.  Doing Spine with 2 healers was very doable, and nobody died which was great.  It was nice and clean, and I had no mana at the end but that just means I healed a lot.  Gosh, it was really noticeable though with the tendril debuff on (mindblank atm what it's called), health just DOES NOT go up, and I don't think Gutsy heals to get it off like I try to.  Oh, and for Madness we did something different - we had Nozdormu being assaulted first for part of the step for Chromatic Champion.

I got an offspec ring for my feral spec and off offspec Tier shoulders for my non existent boomkin spec.  The Tier chest dropped and I was trying to decide if I wanted that for main or offspec (since my offspec is 378 and my main is 391) and decided that I would rather take it offspec since it dropped of Ultraxion and it was likely that the heroic version would drop next time when we do heroic anyway, and I would rather upgrade to that.  But Barkhoof took it instead, so that was all good.  Faith was chuffed because not only did she get Destroyer's End, she also walked away with Bracers of the Banished and Rath'rak, the Poisonous Mind as well.  I hope next time we can take Ayelena for his achievement and Deathwing kill, if a spare spot comes up.

The other group will get Bladewind on Thursday so maybe they will have a good shot at Zon'ozz and then they can do Ultraxion and see how nice and clean it is with a paladin healer.  Though as long as they don't start whinging about needing him all the time then I think we can live for one week without our star holy pally.  Fue said that they should have Bladewind this week as their raiding is going to be rather iffy the next few weeks as Belinia will be leaving for Sydney shortly for his holiday.  And so they will be down a tank and have to take a substitute dps for a while until it's settled.  I wonder if Moo will tank for them.  Falln tanked for us when we needed him to.  Most fights don't need 2 tanks anyway except Heroic Ultraxion and Heroic Morchok anyway, so they could still do heroic Yor'shaj.  

Gutsy says he's going away for a week too sometime (not sure when) so that will halt our heroic progression as well but we'll worry about that when it happens.  Worst comes to worst, we can have one heroic group and one normal group filled with reserves and casuals with mix up between the two, or even just one heroic group while the rest of us have a break and do... PVP, rest, relax, make videos etc.


  1. Fairly certain nabe should have a pc for when he is in sydney :D

    But yeah should be interesting what happens with people if we dont do heroix for a month. Cant say I like the sound of that ><

    It is good to see we have two consistent groups going. Maybe you guys should deal with having two priests for a while?

    Then we get yuda... Mu ha ha ha


    1. @Voe - LOL poor Yuda, I don't think that will happen since it his work load depends on me for a while :P woot for bargaining chips! /grin

    2. Sorry, off topic but I was so excited! You're a star again, your artwork is on Wowinsider! Yay! Going back to reread it!

    3. @TotA - TY Ancient I was really excited too! But I feel like everyone will think I am CRAZY

  2. Hey, I said I am looking into getting something sorted out :)

    1. The laptop is good enough to raid with ( its a gaming laptop, not too old )

    2. I mail/pack my computer with me.

    3. Worst case I can always look at hiring one if I need too :P

    But shouldnt be too bad.

    Also I can never look at skittles the same way again :P


  3. Nabe there is always internet cafe, and you are safe as long as you have blizz authenticator...

    laptop should be good enough, i am getting kicked back to parent's place for a week from saturday so i'll be on laptop too lol, but since i just upgraded mum's desktop, there may be some thing i can negotiate :P

    BTW navi, you EVIL person, Yuda is with us. And dont black mail him with job opportunities... Too bad you have no say in mine :P


    1. LOL he knows I am not serious :) but fortunately for me our guild leader raid leads my group /wink

  4. Oh, Navi....most of my forays into Urban Dictionary have been cruelly educational - I am dying laughing. And may never eat Skittles again. And I am hell as sure not going to look up Pretzel M&Ms.

    1. @Matty - OMG I looked it up! Fortunately it wasn't anything QUITE so vulgar. Sometimes I think these urban dictionary definitions are just made up on the fly...


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