Wednesday raiding - More balanced groups makes my casters happy

Our group was much happier yesterday, as we got haste buffs for our casters.  There was some confusion to start as we struggled to balance buffs between groups, but it turns out that Bloodzta is dpsing and offspec healing.  So we were going to get Hwired, but we ended up with Barkhoof which worked out well for our crit buff, and then we complained we had no haste buff, and 2 haste buffs were in the other group so we took Lushnek and swapped him with Bloodzta.

Souglyy was happy, she went to the other group and Voe nearly had an orgasm.  He does like his girls :) So I think both groups are happy this week, and that makes me a happy druid.

I was happy because we had Bladewind with us, so we can balance Gutsy's occasional brainfart moments, and I had my haste buff so I was back at haste cap again.  I was teasing Gutsy because he seemed to be doing some funny things - he did a divine Hymn in purple phase (in Yor'sahj) which knocked out most of the raid, and he also was not within 25 yards for one of the stomps.  Augment was a lot better this time, his health was down a lot, but it was heaps better than his previous attempts.  Augment was on my side with Fue, and Barkhoof was tanking with Falln soaking on the other side. I made a much more conscious effort to stand close for stomp then back away to the crystal for the explosion. 

The other group was working on H Hagara, having gotten Morchok and Yor'sahj down easy on heroic.  I think Bloodtza was happy to be there.  We did much better on Yor'sahj than any other time we had done it, with one attempt at 126k before we wiped.  Of course, my dps was the shit, since I haven't dps'd for ages.  I think the first few attempts I was below the tank, then I was getting back into the hang of my rotation again and I finally crept above the tank.  Then everyone was so kind to let me stay on the boss full time and hit the mana void, so that got me above 20k for some attempts - OK OK that's still pretty shitty but I was happy ok!!!  Hopefully on Thursday night I'll be better if I get my gear in order.

Gutsy got the awesome heroic trinket from Morchok, Windward heart.  That trinket is nice for Yor'sahj, but I am not a big fan of those sorts of trinkets!  I think it's a good trinket for PVP.

Off to go fix my gear!