Thursday raiding - working on heroic Zon'ozz

It's always hard to write about something when you're not there.  I have to rely on what I see and hear from the other raid.  But, it sounded like they were making some great progress, and then as the night wore on, people got tired and made mistakes.

From what I could tell, they hit enrage timer.  They were getting the phases down, but they had a bit of health to get down still.  But it sounds like it was a really really good night.  I'm not sure what their final % was down to but I heard rumours of somewhere between 10-25%.  People were getting frustrated at the end because of the silly mistakes and I whispered Hwired to do a /soothe in case he was having a tanty.  But he said he wasn't the one getting mad, it was the OTHER two getting cranky.

Me, on the other hand, since we weren't raiding, was instead shopping the auction house for nice Transmog gear, and then off to do some battlegrounds with Barkhoof, Sev and Shaba, and had some pretty sweet wins.  We started with a slow win in AV, then an AB.  Then there was a Twin peaks and the bear there said he'd flag carry.  That was a decent game but I was a bit worried (and so was Sev) because the bear was spending a lot of time on the battlefield instead of running towards the flag room.  So the bear capped first.  Then Sev got the flag next and was running back with Shaba and another druid healer, and I thought oh well, I'll go help on the field and heal the dps.  Sev yelled at me because his healer was getting killed and I ran back to help him but he capped and so I headed out to pick up the flag.  I grabbed it and a rogue was chasing me but I managed to get up to the bridge.  Sev called out to me to be cautious, but the bear was waiting for me and I passed the flag over and he picked it up about half a second before the rogue appeared and started trying to hit us.  That was a lucky pass!  So 3 cap and easy win.

There was one BG we had to go without Sev, because the queue was bugged, and Shaba told us to all leave queue and Sev (as usual) didn't read chat and when we left the queue popped for him and he entered.  He did win that BG though, so it was good.  However, the rest of us queued and got Battle for Gilneas, which I usually like anyway.

That battle started out well.  It was amusing that we had 3 mages, 3 paladins, 3 druids and one DK.  I said to my friends "I hope that DK gives us Path of Frost" which he did.  Awesome.  Because I always like to rush to waterworks and try to intercept alliance as they try to get to the flag.  So we had a battle there, I capped the flag and stayed to guard it.  Everyone ran away and headed over to Lighthouse.  I was stealthed, and then I was sapped and the rogue started capping flag.  I called out the inc and trinketed out and hit the rogue and he absolutely THRASHED me.  I felt like I was wearing paper!  The DK, Upinyagrillz from Barthilas said in BG chat "Coming to help" and as I died, I saw the rogue go over to the flag and start capping and thought crap, I lost my base.  But the DK arrived and steamrolled the rogue and when I got back I whispered a thanks to him and he politely said back "No worries" and then Barkhoof (who was now on Arc) said that LH was in trouble, and the DK ran off to go help LH, which had been uncapped by Alliance.  I watched as the other 3 players at LH died and the within 30 seconds, the DK had somehow defended Lighthouse.  Wow.  I whispered the DK and said "Wow, you're amazing, nice defence!" and he whispered back ":) you don't get to Warlord without learning a few things."  So that was pretty impressive.  (You get the title Warlord if you complete the Warlord achievement).  So a nice 3 cap win in Gilneas.

After a few more games Barkhoof had to go so we did some Arena.  Oh my we had some awful arenas.  The priest, mage, lock team where much better with their LOS and hiding than we were, and ended up having all of us lured out intot he open and they hardly took any damage.  There was a couple of satisfying wins - we did come across a triple plate (pally/warrior/DK) which we killed but the next time we came across them we died.  Bleh.

So, Sunday!  More PVP!  If I can drag Sev away from Star Wars, that is.


  1. The other two lol. I wasnt mad or upset just find it funny that healers need to "heal more" by dps. Which I agree maybe the overall heals werent there... but when we died there was about 10%hp left. So dps needed to dps more...

    Overall was a great night. Yuda had a few blunders I dont think he is used to us yet. Was nice having a proper healing class spread for the first time in quite a while. Wont get used to it by the sounds we will be back with two priests ):

    Voe :)

  2. Yeah the raid went really well, we got it to 10mil. I think everyone got it down, just towards the end of the night had a few mishaps. Just need to sharpen things up a little and we should have it Sunday :D


  3. We just need to fix up the orbs I think, maybe being a little closer to ranged will give us a little more time. Also tweaking the stacks of the bounces might work. We can do it -rosh

  4. You guys will have the whole raid week! So I expect a kill by the end of this week!


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