Thursday raiding - Ultraxion is DOWN!

Ultraxion was going to die today, one way or another.  Both groups set out, determination written on all our faces.  Our group was a little behind because Shab had a dinner date and was hurrying home.  Lucky he rang me to say he was going to be 15 minutes late because I had fallen asleep next to my son again while putting him to bed.  So he woke me up in time for raid.

While we were waiting for Shab, I thought I'd fish for some lavascales.  After all, I'm perpetually out of feasts, and though Fue did say bring your own fortune cookies because feasts are not really a viable and cost effective method of buffing your raid, I still like to fish.  Maybe not the lavascales because there is no chance of me getting a turtle, but I do like fishing the others.  And maybe one day if I'm lucky fishing Lavascales I might see Aeonaxx or Terberus since the big pink worm still eludes me.

So Shab arrives, we set off.  Our first attempt was not so exciting.  Falln and Barkhoof died within 30 seconds.  Oops, SOMEONE forgot to turn on righteous fury....  Wipe 1.

Screams from the other group.  0.2% wipe.  OMG they were so close!

So we keep bashing at it, with our group.  A few more wipes here and there, I died a few times in Twilight, because I didn't get my health up high enough, Falln didn't get his guardian spirit, Shaba died from something, someone forgot to taunt and Ultraxion hit Gutsy and splatted him...

Then we had massive guild spam.  Heroic Ultraxion was down in the other group!  They were screaming in their vent channel from the excitement!!  EVERYONE in the raid had died.  Ultraxion had dots ticking on him and Biship was still up in spirit form, which allowed at least SOMEONE to be present for the kill and the dots had ticked Ultra over.  What a relief!  Such excitement!  I was thrilled to bits, but there was a bit of mixed excitement because some of our group wish we had gotten it first.  But I didn't care, our guild is 3/8 and we all get to bask in the glory.  Bish was thrilled to bits, he felt so happy and important, I was really pleased for him.

At this point, we were fiddling with when to Bloodlust/Timewarp.  We had been waiting till the end but we thought maybe we'd do it off the bat at the start.  And we started doing that and it was actually really good.  We could knock 20% off before the first twilight.  Even my DPS looked good!  But it was only transient really.  Fue then said "OK, who isn't double potting?"

OK, now double potting is a DPS thing.  Healers don't double pot.  And I being the crap DPS that I am, why would I waste my time double potting?  My DPS is only just above the tanks.  So I had to double pot.  I was a bit stressed about that.  Ok, ok there's the countdown, I take it at 3 seconds to pull and then take it again when all my cooldowns are up.  Got it.  Gulp.  And I didn't have pots, so I had to bum some off Fue and Barkhoof.  I feel like a sponge :(  With doing that, and the bloodlust, we were at the same point we were before but with an extra minute, so Lushnek was saying that the whole thing was going really good.

It was our 11th attempt and we were doing pretty good, but I had been feeling like we weren't going to be able to do it - the other group just scraping their kill made me feel like we wouldn't get ours since the DPS in their group seems to be so high compared to ours.  And on the sixth hour of twilight, despite me having barkskin, guardian spirit, lightwell renew and going bear form I died.  Bleh, I wiped the raid again, I thought.  But Fue said get me up, Lushnek rezzed me, and I had to get back into it again.  And then we were at 8k... 6k... 3k  OMG are we going to kill it?  I was just mangling and ferocious biting hoping I could keep my health up and clicking that F***ing lightwell and BANG!  More guild spam!  Oh were we excited!  We did it!  I was even more excited, because I didn't think we could do it and even though I died my DPS somehow managed to be 25k which meant I was the carry of the group since both tanks were doing 20k+ each and everyone was alive!  The healing and DPS was great and hugs all round to my team as we were thrilled that both teams got Ultraxion down! Of course, then we looked at loot... bloody Conquerer chest... grats Sev!  And Fue got heroic tanking boots Stillheart Warboots.  Fue was torn between the two items, but he can't have both and he was the only one who could take the boots.  But yay!

The rest of the night went by smoothly, the other group cleared Dragon Soul on normal and we did too, after having one look at Warmaster heroic just for kicks.  Augment was ITCHING to clear because then he would finish his gems for his legendary and move onto his new daggers.  And he did, he got enough to get to the next stage so he was excited.  Heart of the Unliving dropped and Bladewind said to Gutsy "Hey, do you need that?"  And Gutsy said "Nah man, you go for it," to which I said "Umm, hello what about ME?"  And they both laughed because everyone forgot after the two of them took the glory of healing in Ultraxion, that I was a healer too.  I took it but I don't think I like it, so I gave it to Bladewind in the end.  I think I'm still better off with my Jaws of Defeat.

Bladewind also picked up a new shield (Timepiece of the Bronze Flight), so he's slowly gearing up.  Hopefully he will be able to solo heal one day... after all he did an amazing 54k heals for Ultraxion and that was without 2 upgrades.  Gutsy and me will have to realise now we are now the shit compared to those glorious paladins.  No matter how much he and I pad the meters.  Even on Deathwing, he was miles in front of us, with both of us padding the meters with our AOE heals and we tied in the end.  Ah well, I guess I am no longer top dog, but I don't mind.  I am so proud and happy right now, knowing that I am in the guild Frostwolves.

No pics until I get home, since I'm writing this at work, but it will just be a boring achievement pic!


  1. Was a great night and the best thing is knowing we didnt fluk the ultra kill because everyone was alive at the end of it. Pretty sure we will down it weekly now. Its great that both groups can progress through heroics evenly,what a great guild.

    1. @Falln - it was a good feeling, I have no idea how we did so good that attempt, it still felt flukey to me! But both teams doing it is just the greatest feeling!

    2. Na wasnt a fluk navi, if we had killed it on the 1st night it would have been but seeing as though it took us a few nights and we where getting it pretty low on other atempts it was no fluk that we got it. I said earlyer on in the night that on one of these goes everything well go smoothly and it will mean a kill for us. Even though you died and where rezed we still got it and we where all standing at the end.


  2. No wonder you sounded so drowsy and quiet on the phone. lol.


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