Thursday raiding - bashing away at Ultraxion

I was late to raid because I had to put both kids to bed last night.  So I missed Hagara but that was ok, I made it in time... to dps for Ultraxion.  Bleh.

Though not as bleh as the other team.  Bish was a no show.  That really upset the other team.  So they didn't get to raid.  They said we were lucky we got to raid, but we didn't get anywhere, so I'm not sure if I did anything except deplete my supply of fish feasts.

I took claw off my bar.  Fue gently reminded me that I should be using mangle and claw is something you use when you're levelling and then when you hit 80-85 you take it off your bar.  Well you can see how often I kitty dps'd.  But I did wonder how I would do using mangle instead.

Out of the 12 attempts we had Ultraxion, only 2 were any good.  Towards the end there were lots of stupid mistakes.  People staying out when it wasn't their turn.  People dying from not button clicking.  Lushnek was lagging so he died a lot - it made him look like a noob and he hated it.  I told him it's time to move out and get a new internet connection.

Barkhoof was unhappy with the healing but I tried to reassure him that it was ok, and once the blue crystal was up, paladins don't need to worry about their mana.  And neither had used their cooldowns yet.

The best we got to was 28%, with 45 seconds to go.  We did lose people at about 32-34% so I'm not sure how that would go.  I still think we'll hit the enrage timer.

On a more positive note, my DPS did go up using Mangle.  I was over the tanks.  It did make me feel a bit encouraged so perhaps I should go and buy some more gear so I am not sitting 1 tier behind.  I was still itching to heal though, especially since I did get my shiny new healing legs.

PVP after raid didn't go much better.  Warrior/DK/Paladin a few times.  Plate sucks.  I think we only won 2 games.